Chaos And Destruction Their Work Here Is Done!!!

I’m not actually sure who has caused the most chaos and destruction or just plain mess this week….

Allan, The Boys or the Dog!!

I could say Allan as I have tools in the middle of the kitchen floor, Tools in the hallway, Tools all over the floor and bed in the spare room, Tools on the top landing..

Reason being he is still doing the shed…… My own personal kitchen storage space….

This would take any other mortal a day or two.. From said erection to wiring, insulating, flooring etc..

In this house It has taken about 3 weeks now, not to mention I still have the tools in the hallway from when he fixed his trailer lighting board over a month ago..

To say Allan is not very good at putting away anything when he is done is a tad of an understatement..

Why don’t I put the stuff away you ask… Well three reasons really.

1 I am not privy to a key to his tool cupboard upstairs in the spare room,

2 He made the mess He can clear it up.. besides If I do it then apparently things get lost..


3. I have just lost the will to live with all his mess

Now The topping on the cake here is that both boys take after their father..

I have to yell, plead, scream and bribe to get them to tidy up anything at the best of times but this week has been a doozy

To start the week off, Alex on Sunday decided to join the ranks of being a petty criminal and while at B&Q’s with his dad and granddad took a liking to a padlock and decided to help himself to it.

this crime was not discovered until later on in the evening… Offending item of course confiscated and child reprimanded.. And DS and Mp3 player removed from his possession for a while .

Ali on the other hand has been on a mission to be as destructive as possible this week, Breaking his robot toys, breaking anything really..  resulting in his poor teddy having to have his Arm sewn back on yesterday and his leg tonight..

In fact this week both boys have become Weapons of Mass Destruction.

But if the Men folk of the house haven’t caused enough problems and mess this week the dog had to join in..

I went shopping today and when I got back everything was fine… I then did the school run in the afternoon with Jo… Whilst at the school waiting for the boys to come out Allan reminded me to collect the prescription’s for both him and Ali so when we got back from the school in Jo’s car, I got the boys in my car, ran in to pick up my purse.. and then left the house again..

We went to the chemist.. got prescriptions.. went to the garage and put some petrol in my car ready for tomorrow and then popped in the shop opposite the village to pick up some castor sugar so I can do some baking over the weekend… total time elapsed about 3/4 hour at the most..

We get in…  anyway this evening I go upstairs to put the boys to bed and notice a little bit of foam on the top landing… hmmmmm I wonder what that is off… I notice my bedroom door is open… look in and

The bloody dog has ripped our memory foam mattress to shreds.. or should I say chunks.. it’s everywhere.   AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Now this wouldn’t have been possible if Allan had put the lock on the top of the door of our bedroom like I have been asking him to for the last three months..

he got the boy’s room one done, and the spare/play room one done but never got round to doing our’s…despite my nagging and nagging loads of times.

Well its done now.. took him 5 mins to put the little bolt on…

kinda reminds me of bolting the stable door after the horse has run away..

Result being..

We have a very expensive shopping trip to make to buy a new mattress… Allan will be sleeping on the sofa and me on the chair until said shopping trip is done…

We have a dog that is very subdued and not left his bed except to nip out to the garden… HE KNOW’S WHAT HE HAS DONE!!!

We have two boys who have done nothing but constantly fight all week still arguing in their bedroom last I heard..

you know what.. I’m surprised im not as bald as Allan,  This week is enough to make anyone pull their hair out..


What ever you throw at me it can’t be as bad as this week!!!!!


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