Just call me Purpilina!!!

All right, so maybe you haven’t seen purple hair colour grace the head’s of 50% of the female population around me.  But something tells me you will.

you see when ever I seem to colour my hair and I usually pick a colour that not many have or is unusual.  within weeks everyone seems to think its a good idea

Years ago I went Green… yeah OK it was during the sex pistols and punk era but within two weeks 4 other people I know did the same thing.. :(

As I got older my natural blonde started getting darker and darker.. I dyed my hair light ash blonde.. when others were a golden blonde.. what happens.
yep you guessed  it they all decided to go that lighter  shade of blonde..

In the end I got so fed up I let my hair grow back to its natural colour.
To be honest I had a nasty shock as my once blonde hair was now a mousy light brown..

with the exception of a few highlights every 5 or 6  years I found that between having kids, working and running a household
I didn’t have time for colouring my hair anyway.. plus not to mention that my ex would have hit the roof…
Anyway,  Time passes… Im with Allan now and He has no choice in what I do.. I just do lol
When Alex was christened I had this strange urge to get my long hair cut short and colour it blonde again.. I even went to a salon to have this done
as it had been years since I had home dyed and I was a little weary.. Hairdressing is not my forte..

I ended up with the worst cut I have ever had… bits sticking up all over the place… My head resembled the shape of a peanut and im not talking about the nice rounded peanuts in the salted bag im talking as they are with the shell on shape peanut.. Not a good look.. take it from me!! And to add insult to injury… My hair was a carrotty yellow, with a hint of green (not the funky punky green either) more tinge of snot green in the sunlight… I was not impressed… 😡

I had my hair done the day before the christening so it was too late to do anything really…

hence the really bad picture..

Anyhoo after this not so natural disaster… My hair didnt get cut or touched by anyone… I even trimmed my own fringe… I bravely let Allan trim my ends about three times a year

and when the Gray looked like it was winning I would buy a home colour in a medium to dark brown about twice a year and do it myself… hair style was long heavy hair twisted and clipped up… Boring but safe…

I kept this up until the summer before Ali was due to start school, by spring time it was hot already, and I was suffering from constant migraine’s I was convinced that the weight of my hair clipped to my head was causing them… Sooo I decided that it was time to cut………

Once my Hair was cut shorter of course I got brave again and wanted something different.. Hmmmm I’m out up the town and I see red and purple hair colour… undecisive I buy them both..

Jo my lovely neighbour coloured my hair.. I opted for Red first and I thought it was great but the more I got used to it the more subtle it looked so in the end I got a vibrant red and used that.. I was happy..

red hair.. cool…. then look around… everyone was going red.. 😦

Every other Mother up the school seemed to be going red apart from the three witches.. who just stare over in disgust..

Time for a change… Red is just too common…. 😉

Purple is the new me……. I ran this idea past Allan at the time and he said yeah why not.. it will be christmas soon  (he knows he couldn’t stop me anyway lol) Sooo

Jo coloured my hair a vibrant violet which looked fantastic the first few days.. but sadly has washed out more and more every time my hair even gets wet.

Maybe it was a semi… time for permanent me thinks it has been about 6 weeks now since it was done..

So last night I got one of the home kits and did it again.. This time Midnight Violet

Watch this space….

I refuse to grow old dignified or not…


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