Dog 3 House 0

Don’t get me wrong, The dawg is no innocent.. but for months he has been so good until now…..

When we first got him he was the hardest mutt I have ever had to try to house-train.

I managed it in the end, with the odd accident. funny enough for some strange reason, they always seems to coincide with weekend visits 😕

Anyway, With the Aid of a crate and everything else we seemed to get through the chewing puppy stage pretty Scott free ..

He learned how to escape the crate, we found that out when we got back from silverstone and he had been running round the house most of the day.

Oh good we thought we have got there.. trained at last..

So as we no longer needed the crate for him so put it outside in the playhouse.. Seemed as good as place as any to store it lol

Everything was fine  until last week 🙄

I went shopping in the morning and had done the school run in the afternoon.  everything seemed fine when I got back,

That evening I went upstairs to make the boys beds (didn’t have time in the morning) and there was some sponge on the landing..

wondering what it was I investigated further, My bedroom door was open a little so I peaked in.. OMG the fucker had chewed the whole memory foam mattress. 😡 Not impressed I called Allan

and he came up to clear out…..

Dog chastised and has behaved until Allan and I went out yesterday to have our parent teacher evening and collect Alex from school..

I would say we were gone, about an hour and a half.. we got back in to find that

The dawg had chewed his way through Allan’s Landrover Manual and Alex’s Dr Who book he got for christmas..

resulting in one very upset child and one pissed off Alpha Male and one cringing dawg..

We had a subdued dog all evening while I was baking Jo’s Birthday Cake..

Thinking the dawg had learned his lesson I went shopping this morning.  Came back and lo and behold he had got the manicure set (that Allan had left on the table) and a brand new padlock and keys.. and opened the blister pack..

I noticed as soon as I walked in the door. arrrgghhh!!

We have a few options now…

We can tidy up after ourselves and make sure all bedroom doors are locked so the dawg cant get in to anything.


We can cage the dawg when we go out.. But that kinda defeats the object of having the dog guard the house.

It’s not as if he doesn’t have anything to chew on as he has the biggest mother of a bone going not to mention balls and toys…..

I have googled and found this

separation anxiety 😯 I have separation anxiety every-time I got to bed now.. I miss my comfy mattress I hate the new one we had to buy.

The look of pure Guilt!!


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