My very own Erection is Finally ready for use!

The Day has come It’s finally ready for me to use!!  What you ask… My Erection… Or simply put my very own Garden Shed…

My extension of the kitchen.

About two or more years ago we got a conservatory.. about 10ft x 10ft…  All we needed to do was get the base sorted and it would give me so much more room for all the kitchen stuff etc.

Problem was there was never anyone either skilled enough or had time to get this conservatory up..

At some point the local light-fingered brigade had tried to help themselves to the Ally and put it in next doors garden for collection. Joyce’s  garden is a wilderness to put it lightly.  She hasn’t been out there and done anything in over the 7 years since we have been here…. Anyway the Ally frame was spotted and recovered but of course we were never 100% sure it was all there.. So again All enthusiasm into getting it put up was lost.. After over 2 years of waiting i just suggested one day… wouldn’t it be easier just to do away with the conservatory and get a shed…… at least we could make it a bit more secure… we wouldn’t need to spend fortunes on a base and getting it up and of course i wouldn’t need blinds etc to stop the local tea leaf from seeing everything inside.

I think the fact that it would save us over £1000 to put it up appealed the most…

So on boxing day (WTF) it was decided that the shed was to be ordered. problem is the conservatory still needed moving as it was stacked up where the shed is going to go…  I had to defer delivery time twice while Allan got his Arse in gear and finally scrap and weigh in the Conservatory.. done eventually the day before the shed arrived.

Having taken delivery of the shed it was then stacked in a pile in the garden..

A week later reinforcements were called in to help get the shed up, Good old Andy was recruited to help out as usual when it comes to any job that needs doing. I’m not saying that Allan is incapable of doing anything like this but for some reason he always needs a hand doing it 🙄 and said person giving the hand usually ends up doing most of the work….

Anyway  we get as far as the shed up with the aid of help

Next to be done was the reinforced flooring because the flooring that came with it wouldn’t be strong enough to take the weight of the freezer, fridge and everything else I wanted to put in it..

Oh and then there was the insulation to keep it warmer, and the electrics……. these jobs were done on days when Allan had the time… total time taken for finishing touches… 4 weeks…..

So Here we are … An off cut of carpet later.. The side bit will be covered so you wouldn’t know and my shed is ready for filling. Of course the first job was get big chest freezer, fridge and my spare tumble dryer out of the other sheds and in there…

Allan had some  spare time yesterday to get  across  the fridge and tumble dryer which were at the back of his garden tool shed and the big chest freezer was in the other shed which used to be his tool shed until the light-fingered one help himself. now we keep junk in it and his power tools upstairs in the spare room 😦 Anyway He had dumped so much stuff by it in his shed, that when I need bits out of  the freezer,  I kind of have to reach over……. 🙄  I’m hoping that today is that day…..

Oh I cant wait to be able to use it without the risk of serious bodily damage first .

So white good moved over Shelves in… Brand new carpet filthy from Allan’s muddy shoes when he was moving the white good in… DOH!!!  but a small price to pay for more space 🙂

(I would just like to say that the reason the garden is muddy is my father is constantly letting the dog out onto the grass   😦  )

I can start clearing my very cluttered kitchen.. Fingers crossed!!


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