The Hoarder I live with still exists only now i have joined ranks!

Back in June 2009 I posted about living with a Hoarder.


Well nothing has changed, If fact I think I have joined the ranks looking at what is in the house now 😕

I have at long last worked out why indeed Allan is a hoarder..  and why I have become one..

Relationships is the key word..

Every-time Allan has been in a relationship that has ended he is the one that has “lost” everything not that in the past he had that much anyway but his Ex wife got the house and all contents and then when he lived with Wendy again all his belongings vanished or were stolen when he moved out and stayed with some so-called friends..

Same here.. When I had to leave the house I was left with nothing really except the clothes I was standing up in. As I said in the last blog.. we had nothing. we started out in this house with nothing.

I now believe that secretly deep down we strive to replace everything and more… problem is I’m trying to replace everything from a 4 bedroom massive house.. Allan is replacing all his tools plus of course getting all the things he never had before..

My downfall has always been kitchen… or items for the kitchen.. to the extent now where I have my own shed full of my kitchen stuff

Allan has two sheds and a greenhouse full of stuff not to mention the spare bedroom and its cupboard.. (where all the power tools are now safe under lock and key from the local friendly tea-leaf)  You see even when the shed got broken into and all his power tools were stolen. over time not only has he replaced them he has added to his original collection.

The house is once again bursting at the seams.. only with an added shed full.

we have wall to wall furniture.. we still have Ali’s old cot bed in our bedroom.  the only difference is instead of having a child in it its now stacked full of stuff thats to be sorted or go in the loft…

the loft is full.. or appears so although I do think with a tidy up.. (notice I didn’t say clear out)  we could fit a lot more up there.

We have now got the front of the garden finally looking nice and neat and is relatively maintenance free… The back garden is again a work in progress especially in the patio area

so now the spring has arrived I’m getting the urge to get the spare junk room and our bed room sorted.

I jokingly said to Allan last night, what we need is a sleep sofa in the front room … we could get rid of the bed upstairs in our room and turn it into more of a storage space instead of climbing over everything to get to bed at night… The worrying thing is he actually looked like he was thinking about it..

I think the time has come for a spring clean and maybe a tad of a declutter 🙄


Song Challenge Day 11

Day 11 – A song that reminds you of your best mate
Tony and I and a group from the Embassy went to see the Beach boys live at the Mall in washington DC for their first July 4th open air concert.. everytime I hear this I think of that love sunny day spent with good friends..