You gotta laugh at spam and I’m not on about the tinned stuff!!

I don’t know about you guys but I get a hell of a lot of spam mail coming in to my in-box..

Does the type of spam mail you get depend on the kind of person you are? If so Man am I in trouble 🙄

So what can be deducted about me from the spam mail I get!!

Now I have been saving some *spam mail* over the last few weeks in a special folder just to see what a varied amount of rubbish I get sent..

So check this out 🙂
45 plus Dating Network  Meet 40+ Singles Near You. Browse FREE!
Ann, 1 in 5 Relationships Begin Online
Try Viagra4Free Save with our trial erectile dysfunction solutions
Enlargement pills Sample Dreaming of this hottie
The Motley Fool A Big Boost For Company Profits
National Accident Helpline Ask Us How To Maximise Your Injury Compensation
Tara Someone has sent you FREE palm reading.
Enlarge with Sample Bigger than you can ever imagine
WhiteSmoke One mistake can ruin a perfect moment
Match Affinity Your Invitation to Match Affinity
Valentines , Free Valentine’s Day flowers
GlobalTestMarket Share Your Opinion, Change The World.
MyLife Leroy Barnes – Found at Last?
WAYN – Newsletter Heat things up on your Valentine’s Day
Free Viagra&Cialis Hardness determines sexual pleasure
Bosley Fight your hair loss
Airline Tickets Airline tickets at your fingertips.
fbi office Noticefication. Read the attach below and get back to me
Investment International Offers Profit From Fine Wine Investment
OfferX Your Romantic Get away
MensHealth Love Viagra! brings love and satisfaction worldwide.
Facebook Private commented on your link.
UK-Google 12th Anniversary Promo Your E-mail has W O N £850,000 UK Pounds (With Ticket#:00869575
Princess Hilda Moyo A plea for help.
Free Sample enlargement Stop leaving your partner dissatisfied
Free ViagraAndCialis Perform in bed with Viagra
Research Opinion Poll and Offersclick Ann, you have been selected for a chance to win a fantastic Thomas Cook holiday
Maliheh Masajor پادرمان
News_12_Reports Is_It_Possible_to_Melt_Body_Fat_Away?
WebProNews How Much Content is Too Much?
UK Telephone Service Your new Vodafone Blackberry Torch is now available for pick up
Testers Needed Test and keep a new Macbook Air
My Special K Your personal Special K plan
Free Viagra Or Cialis Realize your fantasy as a sex god
Someone’s wife wants to have an affair Can I please CHEAT on my husband with you Turn her on Ask her these questions and she’ll get turned on
Sex in the UK Your message box is full
Sex in the UK Someone wants to meet you tonight.
Flirty Single Women Meet me tonight..I’m lonely and sexy
Free trials Men’s Supplement Women love well hung men
Get BIGGER with Promo Your erection will become huge
Maids Have a local maid service clean up after you.

So according to this I am a 48yr old opinionated, fat ,superstitious  sex starved nymphomaniac business minded,trans-sexual who is accident prone, A  lazy cow with a bald head and small penis  *that is apparently not working very well*, who is going to fly off into the sunset with some romantic person that I have met on-line and probably cheat on them with their wife/husband!!!

Now throw away the bald head and small penis..  Oh hang on a min the boys would miss their dad…….  Lets just say we can remove those parts from the analysis of me.. along with the Trans-sexual part..

that leaves

48yr old opinionated, fat ,superstitious  sex starved nymphomaniac business minded, accident prone,  lazy cow who will probably cheat or has cheated on them with their wife/husband!!!


What I do want to know is how come I have messages in my in-box on a site called

Sex in the UK which as far as I know I have never signed up for or even heard of..

Why I would indeed search for Leroy Barnes..   😯 He would be the last person I would search for.. And I would be surprised if He had ever searched for me..

No-one wants to be reminded of certain mistakes in life and boy was he a mistake..

I have never signed up to any on-line dating sites, in fact I have no interest in on-line dating.. I’m still not convinced it works….     😕

So I’m actually wondering how I get some of these junk mail’s..

The only medication I have bought on-line was something for my son’s Eczema, Although I do remember having to register with the site and it wanted to know the in’s and outs of a ducks arsehole!!

However I for the life of me don’t remember it ever asking the size of my partners penis, If it needed any assistance to perform, or indeed if he was bald

Maybe they just assumed lol  (damn clever then is all I can say 🙄  😆 )

So next time you get spam mail save it for a few weeks, See what your junk mail can deduct about you!!


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