I did it… I really did it……..

It’s one year today since both Allan and I gave up smoking.. and I mean gave up smoking.. everything 🙄

And there are some who never would believe that yes I mean Allan gave up everything..

I Cant believe it really… 40 a day plus to nothing in fact if I’m honest I smoked more than that…..

I do feel better, Next step is to lose the weight we both gained but thats a small price to pay..

And Yes  I know that I will never smoke again..

Even walking somewhere where people have been smoking it stinks..

I have given up smoking in the past but always craved a fag and never felt sick from the smell..

For some reason this time is different. even the smell makes me feel ill and I’m loving not having yellow nicotine stains all over the house and of

course all that extra money came in handy.

Mind you We wouldn’t be able to afford to smoke now , Funny how the extra cash every week got used up with one thing or another and now its just eating by the weekly budget!!

And yes I am actually proud of myself 🙂


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