Work in progress…

No sooner has he finally finished my shed… *oh yes I love it*  He indoor’s has now started on project number two

and that is doing the front garden.  Last april time we had driveways put in they block paved but the problem was the actual garden level was about 7 inches above the driveway so you not only tripped over that

you also had to walk across the grass which in the rain turned to very slippy mud to get to the front door or vice versa to the car from the front door.

In an idea world I would of liked plumb slate  … in reality  even allowing the fact that the cost would be astronomical I can see one of the local under 4ft child spawn’s throwing the slate and

either the car window or house windows being smashed..

So for the cost of the slate I have decided to go for pea shingle and some nice concrete planters.  (nice heavy ones that local tea leaves cant lift. for obvious reasons)

but first of all of course the turf had to go and then all the top soil. so far two trailer full loads have gone and they are still only 2ft down the garden.. ho hum.. house full of mud..

not to mention a hallway full of tools from the previous two jobs undertaken because of course nothing ever gets put away..

Wonder how long this is going to take.. at the moment I now have to back the car out of the drive and onto the road so the boys can walk down the path to get into the car..

they say a couple of weeks I say a couple of months……..


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