I am not creative or Imaginative when it comes to dress up idea’s!!

Book week is upon us again!!

I have a problem…
On Friday it’s the end of book week at the school and our children are expected to go to school dressed as a literary character. So that doesn’t sound too bad in theory – and it wouldn’t be if we could choose any book character and send them dressed up but sadly at the boys school life is not that easy..
clearly written about the book week dress up day is this little snippet.

*As usual the children will be able to dress up on Friday 12th
using the theme of fantasy. Children can dress up as Dragons,
mermaids, fairies, or characters from the Narnia Chronicles or Harry
Potter books.*

The problem is I am neither imaginative or creative….

If I had girls it would be easy.. the 99p shop sells fairy wings , get a second hand bridesmaids dress or pretty party dress and your away.

short of putting them both in a giant cardboard box and saying they are the wardrobe I actually have no idea what they can go as.

Our dress up collection is as follows

witches outfits, brooms, and monsters, Dracula, halloween type costumes and masks,

chef’s dress up outfit,

doctors scrubs

Pirate outfit

and a builders outfit.

none of which are suitable.. 😦

I hunted on eBay for items and found a lions suit.. but lost the bid.. Im not paying full price for one dress up set for Ali as it would never be worn again,

He wants to be either a knight or a dragon..

Dragon outfits not cheap on ebay and hard to get for kids older than 4 yrs old.

Alex decides he does not want to be the boring harry potter or a witch..

Now if it was normal dress up I could think of loads of things to send them in but with restrictions like the school has said. Im stuck for idea’s

and I bet my idea of fantasy is a whole load different to what the school has in mind.. 🙄

I have about 6 days to come up with something… EEEKKKEEEE!!!

I am a firm believer that schools should stop these dress up days.. its getting a joke now.. this is about the 3rd one this year

First was flight…

Then we had the explorer one and now book week.. 😦

Watch this space……


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