What a Day fantastic day

We went to the Historic Chatham dockyard today for a tour.. wow has that place changed in the last 20 odd years

it was great. we only saw a tiny bit of it to be honest. it would take a week going every day to see it all.

the highlight of the day was the boys making rope in the old ropery


Then to top it off tonight was the night of the super moon in Alex’s words It was Awesome 🙄 ::):

*A supermoon is bigger and brighter than an ordinary full moon. The reason: the moon’s orbit around the Earth is elliptical, not round. And so when the elliptical path passes closest to Earth

a full moon becomes 14 per cent wider and 30 per cent brighter than an average full moon. Not since 1992 has the moon passed as close to Earth as it did tonight.


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