I feel like the wicked stepmother Again…

Scenario…    Daughter (my Step daughter) is walking out of class in the middle of a lesson, being abusive to a teacher and getting into trouble at school constantly.. not working and homework is a right mess when she does it..  she gets bad report.

Allan being the father and I think he is a good one tells her off.. he does not go mad or anything but decided that we would not take her to Drayton Manor with us like we had planned and we would not be taking her out for any treats until she started working harder and behaving so we cancelled any plans we had to go out which I though was a bit hard on the boys as they were missing out because of her behaviour .  At the time she was staying with us 4 days a week,  She then started coming to us every other weekend just Friday until Sunday.. At christmas she made an excuse after a couple of days and left making up some rubbish about staying over at a friends..  We do not hear from her at all, not even a text… When its Allan’s birthday I send her a message via facebook reminding her .. She sends a text to Allan saying “Happy Birthday” this was March 9th… Since then nothing.. not a text or anything… Until today…  I was up the school waiting for Ali to come out when I get a facebook message notification come through to tell me someone has sent me a fb message. It was Tamara saying “An can I have my Money to go to Canterbury with my Friends” ok she hasn’t even spelt my name right.. but hey the girl is 14  but what pisses me off is ok the money she has is £35 left of her birthday money but she had presents as well and we did say she wasn’t to take the money home as we know she would waste it on sweets as she did last time. It was so If we went anywhere and she wanted to buy herself something she could when she was out with us..

Now at the moment Im cooling down.. as I am Furious…

1. She hasn’t even text’d her dad about this…

2. We haven’t seen or heard from her since last year…. ie before new years. Actually to be exact the 29th December. We know from contact we have had with her school her work is still atrocious and they are still having behaviour problems with her.

3. We have told her in the past she is not having her money to take home it is for when she is out with us.. she had all her presents, jewellery and everything to take home.

4. not even a please or thank you in her text.

5. we were only discussing her the other day and saying that no doubt we would hear from her when she wants anything…

6. Not even a what are you up to or how is her brothers.. or her dad..

Im so tempted to wait now until tomorrow morning and say..

Sorry only just seen your message on facebook.. (I don’t go on it every day)  Nice to hear from you.. we were only saying the other day we hadn’t heard from or see you since you until the 29th of December….

we are all well Thanks for asking.. oh sorry you didn’t but as I said I am well and so is your brothers and your dad … remember them???? 

And in answer to your question.. No… we have told you before the money you have here is for when we go out together as a family and not for you to waste on sweets etc or take home..  Your dad specifically said you could take your presents home but your money stayed here.

Maybe I should just wait and cool down.. like I said I’m obviously going to be the wicked step mother  the annoying thing is her sister pops over with her friend quite often and has said the reason Tammy hasnt been is because she has to go to school and do her homework over again if its not done properly. where her mum lets her have days off and doesn’t make her do it at all …

ARRRGGHHHHHHH Bloody teenage Girls……..


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