Sids Day at the school

Ali  had a pet day today and on pet day all the kids can take their pet in for the other kids to see..

Well we took sid the snake in, the kids loved him and Ali was proud as punch as we showed off Sid the corn snake to everyone., We even printed off some colouring pages for the kids to do.

anyway one thing that surprised me is .. we had to take Sid in first thing in the morning so we waited for them to take the register so they call all the kids names out and they answer good morning.

then after that they call the lunch menu.. and the children have to reply if they are having school dinner or packed lunch in French…

I was dead impressed as Ali pipped up that he was on packed lunches I mean 

Picnic s’il vous plaît

while the other kids replied souper s’il vous plaît if they were on school dinners 

not once has he ever mentioned that they do this every morning lol


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