True Colours…. What a shock and eye opener…..

Ok I admit I have always prided myself on being a Bitch to a certain extent.. but I found out a couple of days ago just what a true bitch is and Im sad to say I dont even come close…..

I’m actually shocked because the person concerned “sx” portrays herself as a god loving.. caring person.. and I always believed them to be as such..

I have now found out they are the most vindictive , manipulative , nasty person going..   If I hadn’t seen the events unfold I wouldn’t of believed it myself.

I don’t want to name names here although it wouldn’t matter as no one reads this but as I need to get things out of my head sometimes and put them down I feel I need to write down now my shock and dismay..

Ok to explain a little easier.. years ago we all used a forum for mums over 35plus… there was a huge bust up because apparently someone had written a very nasty pm to someone else.. and it was publish on the forum.  for those who read it .. it seemed them most nasty vindictive thing written..   the post was deleted by the forum admin and there was a lot of unrest and arguing..  In the end a lot of us left because we felt that there was a certain amount of bitchiness going on in the background. and hey we all have stress in real life we didn’t need it in our virtual life as well.  We used fb but because of the messaging rules at the time we got warned that our accounts would be closed if we didnt stop.. so we created a place where we could chat without the fb restrictions… sadly someone found out about our private place and the forum Admin  “L” decided to ban us all from the forum for having our private chat area..   fair enough… no great loss as like I said we didn’t like going there because of the bad atmosphere anyway.   We used the forum i created as asked for a while but then fb relaxed its messaging restrictions so slowly without any planning we started messaging again.. between about 6 or 7 of us..using a joint pm or open chat..

Again no names. but out little chat was great some of us confided a few things very personal and certainly not something we wanted others to know about..   eventually the yummy mummy group was created and most of the ladies from the old forum post there as well.   great we could all chat and play nicely again… but we still had our private little chat where we could discuss things that we didn’t want the others to know about…  Anyway one person  I shall just call her “SX” decided that they would like to include two other ladies to our private chat.. we all said that as lovely as they were and they are.. we preferred to keep it private because of the sensitivity of things we had discussed.. not for others ears or eyes..  now SX has always made herself out to be a very caring person as I said before.. kept on asking why they couldn’t join in.. despite being told especially by another troubled lady that she had written and said stuff that was for our eyes only and that we were the only people she could talk to about this.. and was finding the whole thing quite upsetting because of the pressure sx kept putting on, using a nicy nicy but manipulative way .. I could see this happening and said that the majority of us didnt want anyone new no matter how nice they were, and that we were fed up treading on eggshells incase we upset her or her religious beliefs. (she had become a very devout catholic despite her rather dubious lifestyle before finding god) anyway instead of just accepting the fact that we were happy to be as we were.. she decided to block me and the other troubled  lady (ok I can understand that.. i upset her by saying that the majority of us wanted to stay as we were and that we were fed up treading on eggshells trying not to upset her..)  now the funny thing is someone who wasnt even in our chat group guessed from a sin picture i posted on facebook that it was SX i was having a dig at blocking me, and then privately mailed me

“”” ahhhhhhh well I knew SX long before everyone else from a site for mothers over 40.(not 35)…and she got the forum shut down because of her vindictiveness…………but I failed to mention it when all the hooha went on the 35 site before because I knew no one would believe me! xx “””  I was actually shocked to hear this as this was going back long before i even joined the 35plus forum.  Anyway back to where I was.

As I was saying, not only did SX block us she also blocked everyone but one person  . even those who hadn’t even said anything … .. fine.. no great loss to me… although the others found it a bit upsetting that this so called lady of god.. had been childish enough to block everyone because she couldn’t have her own way..  and they couldn’t understand why she had blocked them on fb.. so one lovely lady emailed her and asked why she was blocked …  her SX’s reply to her was shocking..    Im not going to say what was in that email but I have never heard of such a vindictive nasty email in my life……..   This from a person who was one down from being nun like.. the person who was so nicy nicy caring..   I cant believe she could be so nasty..  Myself and the others are in total shock.  the thing is.. its all falling into place now… we were told she was nasty on 35 plus but didn’t believe it..  how could we.. she always seemed so nice………  we should of got an idea when she kept changing her fb id and opening up new accounts..  because apparently people being nasty to her… family falling out with her…  we have now been reminded of the amount of times she has taken a sabbatical because she has upset someone and had to either hide away or deactivate her fb account..   yes she has certainly shown her true colours..

Those that know me know that usually I don’t care what i put as a status.. and if I think someone is pulling a fast one or talking bollocks I will say so to their face.. Im not one to hide away..  Yes I name and shame but this time… I cant be bothered.. you see there are so many people who are sucked into this woman’s pretty nicy world.. that im afraid if I do say something they are going to see the evil side of her as well, and to be honest.. I don’t want to see them hurt and I don’t want to rock the boat.. its taken years for everyone to play nicely again in the new yummy mummy group.  ironically SX remove herself from the group not long after it first started because she thought that certain ladies who had problems with their kids or cheating husbands were too bitchy… bitchy about tv programs and bitchy about other people on their friends list ..   Irony eh..  and here we are she turned into the biggest bitch going….   makes me look like an angel…  All I can say is I do hope that no one is sucked into her world because while its water off a ducks back to me I have broad shoulders and don’t care what im called..  Ido worry that some who are close to the edge already could easily be pushed over it..   

I have met many people in my life and yes some are internet friends but I can honestly say I have never “met or heard of” anyone so evil and vindictive in my life! 😦


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