The Dream Kitchen is coming together at last……………. with a few bumps along the way!

When we first moved into the house the kitchen was dated, the cupboards were old and had been painted in white gloss with some grey streaks run down them… which had yellowed over the years.. Nice NOT!!

the flooring was tiles and half were missing… we managed to bodge up here and there and eventually about a year or two ago they put us a new kitchen in, I got to choose the cupboards.. Went for wood look ones, grey tiles… It was the most neutral colour I could think of  without being boring white… I chose black counters and black flooring.. and we bought terracotta paint, when it was done I loved it… I had stainless and wood to match.. I’m one of these people who likes everything to match..  Cant stand odd things…  loved the look in fact although the paintwork was getting a little shabby..

Anyway.. Allan said I could have a kitchenaid Mixer.. (I have always wanted another one as my old one got left at the house and no doubt my ex sold it along with all the other kitchen stuff I had) but the condition of me getting one.. (yes he admits he wanted one too, after all he is an ex chef) was that we got a red one!!  Fine by me I liked the red stuff but of course we would have to replace the microwave and kettle as well, oh and the mugs.. etc.. yes he agreed…  😯 

I can’t justify replacing the volcano (majority of it) *orange faded down to red*  Le Creuset stuff I have for the all red colour.. Although I do want to replace  two pans one that is brown and one mustard.  and get them in the volcano to match all the rest of the Le Creuset stuff I have around the kitchen.. but other little bits and pieces have been replaced.  and of course he would have to re paint the wall’s in red.

I was thrilled to bits…  finally we have everything sorted.. then disaster struck

My cooker thermostat went 😦  we could either use the very last bit of our savings to buy a cheap slimline new one either a flaval or beko or some other crap make.. or I could get a second-hand range…….  you  can guess what I went for… So we searched and found a lovely stainless steel belling range for sale… If all goes well I collect it well Allan collects it on Tuesday evening.. but to fit it in we need to take a cupboard down.. re tile the area.. take the tumble dryer out.. thankfully it can go up in the spare room upstairs and i do have one I can use in the shed as well.   I’m just hoping the lady doesn’t change her mind about the cooker..

Anyway  here is the before and after pics..

watch this space for pics of the new cooker when that’s in situ.






You can just see the white top of the old cooker  (left)  and the counter below where the tumble dryer is and top cupboard

You can just see the white top of the old cooker (left) and the counter below where the tumble dryer is and top cupboard.. This will all have to come out to fit the new cooker in......




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