Getting your own way can be Boring……….

I love you to bits Allan, but grow some For Fuck’s Sake,
Just for once say No,
Yes Babe, Yes Darling, What ever you want,
What ever you want to do,
It all gets so Tedious .
…There is no challenge in it at all,
I need a challenge, I need amusing lol
This Carte Blanche to do what ever I want is getting boring..

Surely you can’t Agree with everything I say, What is going on,

I know we don’t argue but sometimes all I want is for you to voice your own opinion,

Tell me NO some-time’s 

I’m sure that at the moment if I turned round and said.. I am having an affair do you mind

the reply would be what every you want Babe 😉 Ok maybe not but you guys must get my drift..

The man is driving me crazy.

Ok I know he is a former chef so when I want bits for the kitchen he wont disagree because of course its of  interest to him but having just spent fortunes on the mixer, microwave, cooker, decorating and other bits my Krups food processor has packed up.. oh the beater bit has gone on it so i need a new “whisk” bit.. If I can find somewhere that has it  in stock about £20 to replace. bearing in mind that we have all the attachments for the Krups varimix 2000  so we really don’t need a new food processor.. hell i only use it for making the cake frosting as the icing sugar makes a mess in the kitchenAid Mixer.  but no he has decided that maybe we should get a Magimix one…  because they are the professional ones and he wants me to have the best   arrrghhh!! 

Just fix my Krups please!!!




2 thoughts on “Getting your own way can be Boring……….

  1. I have read your entire blogg it’s brilliant. May be you should write a book, I smiled , laughed and wept. All the things you need for a good book.

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