The New Cooker is here….. Well New to me Anyway!!

As I said in my dream kitchen post we were getting a new range cooker… ok we we’re getting a second hand, or should I say pre-owned, Pre-loved?????? Hmmmm I think I like Pre-Loved best

Anyway with the Help of Andy a very good friend, who now probably has a hernia due to the weight and lifting the cooker… Sorry Andy lol  The Cooker was collected and put in the kitchen.

The two days previous to its Arrival


As we were so paranoid she would change her mind so we didn’t want to rip the cupboard out and counter top etc until I had called her again and confirmed that she was indeed going to sell us her cooker. 


Allan was busy taking down a plate rack, taking down a cupboard that was next to the old cooker but would be in the way of the new cooker and moving it to the other side of the kitchen.

Where Cupboard was

he then had to tile the whole area behind the cooker where the cupboard had been, we couldnt match up the checker plate tiles we had on top so had to buy new ones so got red in fitting with the rest of the kitchen….

Bless him he was up until about 3am Tiling

Tiling where counter was that had the tumble dryer under it

(If I ever go off red then we are really up the creek lol)

Anyways………  Tiling done… and here we are…

Done!! nearly, just the grouting to do.
Before with Plate rack
After when Cupboard had been moved over , and is actually a lot more use now as before it was just full of junk now I can use it for plates etc..

And the finale

Drum roll please…………

Finally At Home!
I’m Spoilt for Choice

I cant get over how much bigger the kitchen looks just moving a few bits around.. I’m Loving it.

All This space.......... Yay!! Now all I need to get is a stainless cooker hood and Its done

I feel I should Name her lol  Now I wonder why I just called it a her…………….  I will have to think about this..


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