Me Bad: I never find time to update ..

So here we go..

News Flash on the “grow some man” posting lol

 We now have a Magimix Food Processor… Ha Ha.. I got it from a freebie group off a lady I had given loads of bits to and was talking to her about baking and had mentioned I had broken mine and she had an old one in the back of her cupboard.. so  He has his wish… we Have a Magimix… his disappointment   its a 1980’s one but you know what.,. it works fine so Im a happy bunny haha

Alex has started Karate Lessons. To be honest he needs the discipline and the exercise and I have to admit there is something quite sexy about a man in a martial arts uniform and his instructor is no exception 😉 behave Ann you are old enough to be his mother….   Anyway the first lesson was going great and I could see Alex enjoying it even if he is a little awkward at time when it came to some of the moves.  but I have to say that Sensei Matt has got to be one of the most bravest men going… I mean who in their right mind arms a 7yr old with nunchucks  lol there was alex swinging them around and bop he knocked himself straight on the head. and Sensei came over to him  nunchucks flying everywhere from alex and the rest of the class to show him how to use them.. and you think that is bad.. last week he gave them a sword… Either a very brave man or very stupid man.

Any way we have now got his uniform and have signed our life away to the £40 a month for his lessons every wednesday 6pm to 8.15pm  and he can also go to any other lesson around they do.. but that would mean driving him all over the whole of kent.. maybe not.


My kitchen is done… I have my new cooker.. I am a very happy bunny… Now to declutter the house room by room…

Have I mentioned that we moved into this house in March 2004  well yes we started from nothing but the whole house is full of clutter..

when we moved in we bought some plastic curtain rails  not very good ones and the girls managed to snap not only the one in their room but the one on the top landing and our bedroom within a year.. from then on their room had a bamboo kind of blind.. cheap thing.. our room we had some curtains cut to fit inside the window frame and held up with netwire I kid you not  .. boys room had a new one , A blue wooden pole we put up when we decorated their room last year,  but Adam broke it in half when he came round to play about a week after it went up and it never got mended then the bits were lost. ..

Well it has only taken him 6 years to get round to it but we finally have some curtain poles and proper curtains put up in our bedroom. oh and on top of the landing. in the colour i want him to decorate so it may get him in gear to do that.. and he has finally replaced the broken pole in the boys room 🙂 GO ALLAN!!

Hence the incentive now to tidy up and really declutter all those clothes and everything in our room and the back spare room.



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