Owie! Alex has a Boo Boo! :-(


Jo comes round  Her Landrover is finally fixed and she can go up to west street garage and collect it we are just having a coffee  before we go and the phone rings.. withheld… I am not one usually to answer withheld calls 😕 so I gingerly answer and yes as you have guessed it was the school…

Alex has had a mishap in the playground and has a very nasty graze on his arm, They have cleaned it up as much as possible but could I come up and see what I think,  So Jo and I get in the car and go up there… we get taken to Alex who is standing there with loads of dressings over his elbow.. and the blood is seeping through.. oh crap I think Is this going to be a hospital job for stitches?

Anyway they lift the dressing and its not that bad really, I mean its not like it needs stitches or anything, Yes a graze… Life threatening hardly!

Did they really need to call me up to go up the school just after Lunchtime  with only an hour and a half to go until home time, to actually go and see it? What happened to the good old days when one of the playtime assistants took injured kid with a graze smothered it in TCP or that violet stuff or Dettol that stung like a mother, stuffed a plaster on it and told you to piss off out and play again lol

According to Alex some little yr 1 scroat pushed him over but of course he was totally innocent and had done nothing first 😕 he has grazed the top of his leg on that side as well and we just found another one on his hand that he hadn’t …noticed before haha.. oh well he will live..*can you tell im not one of these paranoid mothers full of sympathy* Actually  considering he used to be the biggest wuss going he is fine he was more impressed that he got to go home from school early. 
So we get in the car.. we go with Jo and collect her Landrover and then get home, I pop Alex in the bath to give it a really good clean out with some savlon in the water.  Jo goes up the school to collect Ali and Adam,
When Alex gets out the bath I dry it carefully and put a clean dressing on..  
It’s looking a lot better… Im just wondering how he is going to get on at Karate tomorrow 😕

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