The De-clutter has started in ernest…………The House has hit tilt… we can fit no more in…….

We Have a void in the room 😦

I have Been Having a Major clear out in my/our bedroom and Im being really ruthless It feels really strange not having a cotbed in my room for the first time since we moved into the house over 7 years ago,

Which sounds quite bad when you think that Ali went into his own bed more than a couple of years ago 😕

Allan as usual had filled it full of stuff and I have finally started to have a good sort out, It took me hours before I could even get the cot empty. It had been used as a dumping ground for everything. in fact our whole bedroom had become a dumping ground.. he would bring bags of clothes etc home from him mothers and they would be put there.. bearing in mind none of it would fit lol

anyway I cleared the cot/bed and dismantled it… No more cot in our room probably ever again 😦 unless we ever have grandchildren stay over but im not holding my breath there.

So far I have got … Wait for it 

over 10 bags of stuff to take up the dump..At the moment Im just putting it all out the front until Allan can bring the trailer home on Saturday and do god knows how many tip runs.. Thats the throw away part. Then the rest

I’m  giving away to the facebook FREEBIES – Sittingbourne and Sheppey… plus im freegling and I think I will have enough bits to go on for ages lol And Finally Im putting away… In Wardrobes… Ok I confess one is full of junk to be sorted.. but I will get round to that… Maybe At the Weekend.

So far I have cleared the cot out.. and cleared the floor area..  I will tackle on top of the wardrobes in the week. I may start on the back room tomorrow It all depends if I get the chance as its shopping and the boys have a sponsored walk at the school at 2pm

I am determined now to work my way though this house…… room by room

First My room … Then the spare room…. Then Im going to de-clutter the front room and get things where they should be… then its a tidy up the boys room… and then finally the attic… you think my bedroom junk is bad wait until I get round to the attic……….:(

Im starting to ache all over but i think its where i have been busy clearing out..


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