Personally I blame the Smedley Sperm!

Took both the boys to the dentist today for their 1st dentist check up.

Yeah ok Me Bad, its one of those things I kept meaning to get around to ok lol

Plus the fact that neither of them have had any problems.

Good news is that neither need any fillings both have lovely white teeth she was especially impressed with Ali’s

in fact she is amazed at how perfect their teeth are… (dont take after me ) mind you neither eat sweets as its only cakes they like and the sugar content is cooked in not as bad apparently.. and they drink sugar free drinks and always have an neither really has fizzy unless its Coke Zero  again no sugar…

bad news is Alex has to go back next Jan as he has a couple of teeth loose at the moment to have some sort of block brace put on its nothing to do with his teeth but because his lower jaw is not in the right place.. (have to say i never noticed) and because he is a mouth breather i need to take him to the doctors and get drops to clear his nose.. I did tell her today that he is bunged up because of hayfever but hey ho.. never heard of this block brace thingy but apparently its to bring the lower jaw forward. Still best its sorted now then when he gets older.

None of my others ever had that problem, Daniel was the worst with fillings but that’s all and he loved sweets and juice.

And then to top it off we got a letter back from the doc we took Ali to today (long story will try and blog about it sometime) and Ali’s problems. Basically they think he may be on the Autism Spectrum as he has some weird  idiosyncrasies and of course is totally unsociable. he now has to go to the speech and language department  before they paediatric see’s him again.

tell me something I don’t know.. I have said loads of times I have never known a kid like him.  so Between Alex, Ali and lets face it Tammy has problems… I blame the Smedley Sperm… its the common denominator 😆


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