The Last of the Little People is now 5

My Baby is Five… I mean my last ever baby is five… Now I know that at the age of 49 nearly Most Mothers are celebrating 5th Birthdays of Grandchildren but I “snuck” a few in there late in life… Would I want another baby now… No!!  Does It feel weird that I am never having another baby, Then I have to say Yes…. So for my little man to be 5 now Is quite a big thing.. I always think the age of five is a special age.. you leave baby and toddler hood behind and start the beginnings of being the person you are in the future, A mini adult really.. They start being a person in their own right and not just your bubba… Although I have to admit I still call Ali and Alex my baby sometimes..

Anyway.. Ali’s Birthday..  The child who doesn’t like other children So no point in having a party.

On Friday his actual Birthday 1st July… I took 30 bags of popcorn with a bag of sweets popped in for each of the kids in his class… When he got home we had put some birthday boy banners up and he had his present ‘s a set of  Ben 10 Walkie talkies he had asked for, His Nintendo DS that he wanted and Jo had got him what we thought would be called Fang… the Hamster and of course the Chocolate Smartie cake that he asked for .

Ready Steady Blow!!

He Immediately decided that as the hamster is a girl it should be called Gwen (Ben 10 shining through again) Walkie Talkies were played with for five mins and then cast aside as boring and not as good as he thought they were.. Of course the DS that was impressive.. he loved playing with Alex’s until It broke. In fact that is the extent of things Ali does like playing with, He doesn’t “Do” Toys but loves playing on the pc and now the DS.

Gwen poop and All, I tipped her out of her bed into a bowl so he could see her, Hence the poop as

That Was Friday!!

Saturday Allan was at home, So we had Ali Birthday All over again, I made the first cake but Allan wanted to do the second… anyway because of the time I ended up baking cake number 2 and Allan just had to decorate it.

We did up the Garden in Pirate theme and got pirate plates, cups, napkins even flags you name it. all as a surprise for Ali.. Jo Bless her took him and Alex to the school fate while both Allan and I ran around trying to get everything done.. But considering there was only us and Jo and Adam, Again Ali’s Choice it was still enjoyable.. all the party theme, treats and games, but just three kids.. well 4 if you count Allan, I consider this a break through as last year Ali wouldn’t even let us have one person round for his birthday and didn’t even want a cake.

The Final Birthday weekend treat was a trip to 

The Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway, We have been each year for the last 3 years and Ali loves it there. It’s only on once a month and it Just so happened that it was open this weekend .

A Happy Boy on The BWLR - Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway

When we got home from the trip out to the BWLR we had a salad and roast chicken  (much to Ali’s annoyance as he wanted a roast dinner) and a special Rainbow Jelly..   Then it was bathtime and ready for school and normality today.. I think Ali is all Birthday’d Out lol

The only Sad thing I find is that apart from his Granddad.. My dad.. and Allan’s Mum ( once he reminded her and then I swear she found a present of Joshua’s that they didn’t like from his birthday last week) Play-dough from age 3 onwards. No one else remembered his birthday.  Not my Brother… or Any of Allan’s family …  You know what I remembered now why I hate families and why I avoid anything to do with them.


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