Alex’s Home Learning Ooops


Last week Alex was given two lots of home learning  due in on Friday 1st July… Now normally his home learning, homework what ever you call it is done not only on time buts it’s done the day its assigned and he loves doing it..

well last week it was given to him on Wednesday not the Monday as his teacher was off.. Wednesday is Karate Day.. and Me Bad I forgot all about it.. I put it in my bag and that was it not remembered until Friday morning.. Oppsy to late to do it and take it in so I lied to the teacher and said I had forgotten his book bag with his homework in.. and would bring it in Monday.. well what with having a hectic Birthday weekend for Ali I again forgot.. Alex did remind me but at the time I was in the middle of something and said he could do it later..   It’s now Tuesday and He is finally getting round to doing it.. oops  since then he has been given two more lots to do so he is now doing as much as he can today.. and then Thursday  (because tomorrow is karate day) he will have to do some more…  Im Actually feeling really bad because this is the first time since he started school his homework has been in late. 😦



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