Its Official Ali is well Ali still but now classed as being on the Autistic spectrum!!

We got the letter thorough the other day.. Ali has been statemented now, He is on the lower end of the Autistic spectrum, with Aspergers however he is being refereed again because of high suspicion of dyspraxia as well, We have the appointment in the summer holidays and they said everything will be sent to the school for September… I have been assured by the school that it wont effect his place at the school… And he will get any help he needs… (Although I am not entirely convinced about this as I can’t actually see what help they can offer… how do you get a child to join in team or role play when he wont even speak to the other kids…..) Although he did have his hill friends…..  Not that he spoke to them he just ran around the hill by the playground with them while we waited for Alex to come out of his class but even that has come to an end now as he has been moved into the year one class now and they no longer get out ten mins early, So we now know what class room he will be in, The wait now is what teacher he will have…. No doubt we will find out when the report cards are sent out.

I have a feeling this is the start of a long road… but at least I now know why my son is so obnoxious at times.. and why he hates kids.. toys and everything has to be done a certain way…

it’s that Smedley sperm again lol


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