And The Summer Holidays are here at last…

To my child who likes to argue with me:

Where do you think you got your ATTITUDE from??????

Give it Up, I have DECADES more experience than you!!!!

You See I win!!

You my Sunshine are in Bed and I am up……..


Is it me or has this been a very long 6 or 7 weeks of Term,  Last term was all bank holidays, school closed for voting, of course the Royal wedding and then the long Easter holiday..

This Term the kids and I think mums alike are just burnt out…

We all need a break,

I swear between Attitude Boy Alex and Ali well just being Ali today I could burst into tears.

Ali has been on a mission since he came home from school, breaking things in his path, The usual growling when he cant get his own way.. This afternoon  Allan was out the front fixing the Landrover and the little toe rag was running up the road so I had to get him in and hold him back, while Im doing so he is scratching at me, trying to pinch me,  shouting and struggling, Alex is being a pain and winding him up and Im just sitting there thinking roll on Bedtime…….

he pushes his luck to far when Allan finally finishes changing the landrover fan belt and other bits and Allan sends him to bed… I go up there to tuck him in and stop him kicking the bedroom door down, we have a cuddle and then with the promise from me to make a yellow jelly he has gone to sleep..

Next is Alex… Attitude boy… Lets just say I cant ask where he gets it from as I know only to well, between me and his dad the child has no chance……….

But despite the arguments of no school tomorrow, and I want to watch what ever it is on TV.. I won the battle.. He went to bed………..

I love having my kids home for the summer holidays… I love not having to get them up and  make sure I have everything for packed lunches, and not having to worry about the uniform being clean and making sure everything is ok and shoes sorted, homework done, doing the school run,. you know the usual routine..

BUT!! the way Ali is at the moment I dont know if I will cope with having him off school for 6 weeks, having him 24/7

I have never had a child like this before……….. I really dont know if I am going to get through this in one mental piece…

I saw this today and I thought how true it is….


As the kids break up today and say their goodbyes to the teachers and their friends, I thought I might say a few goodbyes of my own today..

Firstly to my peace and quite, I will truly miss you..

To the remote control, we have been good friends I know but, for a while we must part..

To the food in the fridge, goodbye…*sniff*,

To my tidyish house, please don’t be sad. I promise that, come September I will come and find you…

To my dog.. yes they will be home until September but I promise you can sleep sound when they go to bed….

Lastly, to my sanity….

Goodbye my old friend, until we meet again xxx


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