OMG They really do have their heads stuck up their arses……..

We received an Invite in the post today…

From Allans Sister…… for her 40th Birthday… whats up with that you ask… well… considering she is nothing special, not royalty or anything like that  her invite was  and get this..

Her Fab at 40 party… I mean other people say you are fab at 40… you certainly don’t consider yourself to be and she certainly isn’t….

Formal wear……. very formal…

Held in the castle no less…….

Come one  who the fuck has their own formal wear birthday party held in a castle oh I forgot Estelle does…  even his pompous  Mother who held her 65th birthday party at the castle at least didn’t have formal wear…..   Understandable as she was living right next to the castle at the time and working for them  but even then a bit over the top but that is his mother and sister all over.. Both have delusions of grandeur and think their shite dont stink

They probably think I am common as muck as I don’t have any airs and graces but at least I was brought up mixing with the royals and VIP’s  (more than those two) I have mixed with Prince Charles.. Princess Diana, Other royals……. socially … Two Presidents of the united states of America and yes even bowled at the white house with Amy Carter……..  My job at the British Embassy meant that I mixed socially and professionally with all the important people of the world… and yes I went to the functions… With the one exception of an official do for Prince Charles which was Semi Formal. Ie long evening dress  the rest of the time It was suits and cocktail dresses for the ladies…  yes that short little black dress came in handy.. actually I had quite a few of them… In fact for their private birthday parties and such fancy dress was very popular… yes among many fancy dress outfits I have been a bunny girl at one of the high ministers parties……

What I am trying to say is that even royalty and the vip’s I mixed with didn’t have the formal do’s like the one his sister has planned.

she really does think she is “It”  I have bitten my tongue for years when they have rabbited on about how important they think they are but this was the final straw so to speak.

Funny thing Is she recently added Allan as a friend on facebook..  and then trawled through his friends list and added amber and tammy… so the funny thing is now whenever I want to rant about them I can and they will see it directly with a little changing around of my privacy settings when setting a status just for them 🙂

hence my posting this on

Ann Wilkinson

I Cant Believe that one person could have such delusions of grandeur, that they have to throw themselves their own Fab @ 40 birthday party…. Formal wear, black tie and evening dress of course………. Venue in a Castle… Where else for madam muck would be suitable???
You would of thought with her head so far up her Arse she would of noticed by now that her shit does stink just like everyone else’s!! — with Allan Smedley at At Home in the Front Room.

The result was Allan getting a text from his mother asking had he seen my status and did I really hate them that much..

If Im honest I dont hate them, I just hate that they think they are so important………

needless to say he never replied…… and although the atmosphere was a tad cold when he went there they haven’t said a word about it

shame really as he was just in the mood to fly at them both… He did talk to Tim about it and just said.. I only said what he has been thinking for years…….

The man is finally growing some Balls!!!

I have come to the conclusion that the silly cow is gutted that they never used to have high school proms over here 🙂
because the dress she wore was really like a  huge teenage prom dress pmsl.

Come on if your going to do evening gown Avoid the meringue look ffs!!


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