I am Alive!

It’s been weeks since my last post.  Unfortunately this is because I’ve been ill , I guess there is no excuse, what can I blame before that, kids being off school, well so much has been going on I guess I Will catch up step by step,

But for the last 3 weeks yes I will blame being Ill and yes while I have had a moan I don’t think I have really let on how ill I have been , My breathing got so bad that I ended up in hospital on the nebuliser.. of course as usual it was the weekend when I was first take really bad..  Saturday to be exact. I had had a touch of a cold and cough for a few days but by Saturday afternoon I really couldn’t breath..  Even when I smoked and at the height of my asthma it was never this bad.. If I’m honest it scared the hell out of me.  Allan finally convinced me to call the doctor on call who told me to get straight up the hospital.  I got up there and was seen straight away but a really nice doctor who looked at my past history of chronic asthma, he asked what I thought had triggered it this time as i have been fairly well for the last 10 years.  I told him I didn’t think this was my asthma playing up  so he did a chest x-ray and then put me on the nebulizer for a while… his diagnosis was that I had acute bronchitis, he then told me he would be back in an hour or so… Anyway two hours later my breathing a lot better after being on the nebulizer another doctor comes.. basically he tells me that the reason my breathing was so bad was I was having a panic attack and that i had bronchitis but there was nothing he could give me as it was viral and to take some sudophed  for the cough and if I must to use my inhaler.  I got home but still felt rough.. Now I did have some antibiotics at home from a previous course ages ago i never finished so i took them… they lasted through until Wednesday as there was about thee or 4 days worth.. I started feeling better than by Thursday evening i felt rough again…   by Sunday I was worse than I was the previous week, again Allan is asking me to go to the hospital only this time i refused i figured i would hold out and see my doctor on Monday.. How I actually got through Sunday I dont know I really thought i was in major trouble at times as it was so hard to breath and i had a pain in my chest and neck..

I call the doctors on monday morning and they fit me in.. within two hours i was seen by one of the doctors, she examined me and decided i had a chronic chest infection and acute bronchitis. she gave me a mega course of antibiotics. three lots of inhalers and some prednisolone steroid pills, had to take 10 at a time along with the antibiotics.. i swear within 24 hours i was starting to feel a bit better… It’s now over a week and while I still feel like I have a chesty cough and get tired very quickly I can actually breath..  I’m getting there.

Moral of the story… don’t bother with the on call or med docs……. wait until you see your regular doctors practice they are ten times better…………


In the meantime I may try and fill in the gaps as and when so if you notice posts happening in the twilight zone of missing blogs you will know why!!


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