Proud Mummy Moment!!

I know I have mentioned it once or twice but Alex started doing Karate a few weeks before the summer holidays.. well he is really doing well 

Not only does he go to his Karate lesson on a Wednesday evening he also goes once a month to Gillingham to take part in a massive Martial Arts combat league  where they do unarmed proper combat fighting and also they do weapons fighting…….

the first time he went he came 2nd in weapons and 3rd in unarmed combat

the second time he went he came 2nd in unarmed and 1st in weapons 🙂

Last Sunday he came 2nd in both……… but the kid that beat him was a green belt and 14 😯

He was gutted with himself for only coming second in the combat league this time round.. he came off the mats and the first thing he said to Allan who took him was “Dont Say A Word” 😦

I get the feeling he is going to be more determined than anything to do better at the end of next month!

Plus He has done his gradings once a month..

we missed the grading the first time because we couldn’t make it so the 31st of July he did his first one instead

he passed his 9th KYU with ease and got his yellow belt white stripe

four weeks later on 28th August he passed his 8th KYU and got his Yellow belt

and last Sunday on 25th September He got his 8th KYU ADVANCED which is is Yellow Belt with a Black Stripe 🙂

Considering there are people who have been going for months and months and are still white belts Im so proud of him.. and he loves going.



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