Halloween is upon us…

When I was a kid  about 5 or 6 We were living in Germany at the time and I went to an international school, there so only really mixed with English speaking kids,  I also remember a block of flats where all the People from the American embassy lived and I remember my dad taking me  trick or treating dressed up in a little devils costume,with some of the American kids…….. that is it that is my only recollection of going trick or treating…
By the time we actually lived in the states I was too old to go  trick or treating as although it was a big thing in the states, It was also only really for the younger kids  not teenagers……… We did stock up on sweets /candy to hand out but nothing else was done…

Years later.. when my oldest kids were about 8 or 9 they came home with pockets of change  When I asked where it came from they said trick or treating, They had gone with their friends………
No costume, but still….

The following year we had some trick or treaters knock the door I gave them some spare change I had,  After that I noticed that Halloween was getting more and more commercialised here in the UK so I started getting in sweets just incase…

When Andrew and Hayley got to about that age they used to get dressed up in costume and go out trick or treating with either me or a friends mum taking them.. and yes they came back with loads of sweets.. things are really taking off over here…

Now since Allan and I  have been together , Every year we have had kids knock the door.. so we have always got some bits in…. But the last couple of years… With the boys being in the “Know” I have started to decorate the front of the house… last year was just a few bits at the window

Halloween 2010

Alex Halloween 2010 freezing cold by the way..

Ali Halloween 2010

This year however..  We picked up even more bits……. and decorated more… Instead of sweets I made cakes to hand out… and we went out trick or treating with Jo and Adam… and by we I mean All of us… Even Allan!!

House Decorated 2011

getting ready to go trick or treating

even the trailer in the front was made to look better lol

All Ready to go Trick or Treating

Three Pumpkins when we left to go trick or treating but when we got back so toe rag had nicked the little one...

Me, Jo and the Boys

I knew there was a reason we had witches hats on lol

Some more pics posted on FB



The Hour has Changed… We are now Officially in the Dark!!

Getting up while it’s dark is just not right. It’s against all laws of nature. Well, except for nocturnal animals like owls or vampires or whatever. But, for we dayturnal creatures, night is for sleep. In My case when I Cant sleep it just feels even the nights are even longer……… Either way its not right!

Does that mean my alarm clock goes off when it’s still night?

It’s just not right.

It’s around this time of year that I propose my hibernation plan. Every human on the northern hemisphere should hibernate from the months of October to March. Or perhaps beginning in November, just to give time for people to get things ready.

We’d stock up on food, DVDs, games and so on and then just lock ourselves away for those months. Nobody would go anywhere. With maybe the exception of nipping out when its Broad Daylight and of course only if we choose too.
Nobody would do any work. No School runs… This would especially save on schools being shut during snow days.

And then, in the spring time, we’d all get back to it totally refreshed and ready for anything.

Don’t worry about the world during those unproductive months. We’d adjust. In fact, it may turn out we never needed them at all. In animation, it is the norm to work stupid hours and have no life coming up to deadlines.
I suspect that could work on a far larger scale. They could add another hour or two on to the school days and cut the summer holiday down to a couple or three weeks, and Easter Holidays down to two weeks.

And we’d always have the southern hemispheres to keep things going, just like we northerners would when they get their hibernation. By Hibernation I mean only needing to leave the house in DAYLIGHT hours..

If I ever run for Ruler Of The Known Universe, that will be one of my core policies.

Strange Discussion on Secrets……..

We well by we I mean Allan and I were watching one of the new two and a half men episodes the other night… (ok not that we intentionally watch it just that there was sweet FA on the tv and we put the comedy channel just on  just for a laugh really. Anyway… one of the guys
*you can tell I don’t watch this on a regular basis because I have no idea what their names are*
was watching a Porn that was on the tv and recognised it was his girlfriend in it..    Anyway.. of course confronting her. she admitted that it was done over 20 years ago.. when he asked why she hadnt mentioned it she said… its not the kind of thing you bring into the conversation..  anyway this lead to her asking him if he had any deep dark secrets and of course his list went on and on.. 😆

Both Allan and I looked at each other and I said.  So have you any Secrets from the past….. and he sat and thought Nope…  Now bearing in mind I don’t think he was  exactly the most worldly wise of people in his younger years….  I can actually believe him .. Bit of a mummy boy… virgin until his 20’s I would say… At least… In fact although we have never really discussed it I bet you could count the number of women he has been with on one hand.

He knows I have lead a rather chequered  past to say the least.  lets just say I could of written the words sex, drugs and rock and roll… 😕
I admit I was an early starter so to speak……. and yes    I made the odd mistake…….. Lets just say the person who should of been my first wasn’t … but he was my second
Now the strange thing is they say you never forget your first time……. Actually that’s not true  I cant even remember the guys name….. or the circumstances that lead to it to be honest… this is where the drugs come into it.. I confess also that spending the majority of my teen years in the states….. did contribute to my drug use..  weed  smoking roll ups and using a bong was a regular pastime and yes I know I was stoned off my head the first time… and the fact that it was some real good stuff that he had brought round… something i wasn’t used to.. I found that out the day after , as he had left it behind so of course I was going to smoke it. A friend came round and we rolled a joint.. she had her half first and man was she wasted.. much more than normal, and that when I realised how good that shit was 😆
So I count my second as my first………… 😆 Yes I can remember that……  Yes I can remember him…  Yes he was special…… Yes I messed up……. I went off and “Slept” for want of a better word with his friend  until I went back to the states and then realised my mistake as the guy was a user, a tosser, a player, and slept with my *female*  friend… Karma kicked in straight away there..
(nothing has changed though out my life )

and Yes Again I can confess you would need at least two hands 🙄 to count the amount of men I have done the deed with so to speak..  and confession time.. yes I have *shock horror* slept with a couple of women as well.
Anyway I digress  as I was saying Allan knows I have had a checked past….  He knows my entire history, he knows about Michael, He knows about my swinging both ways in the past…..   He knows How crap my marriage was.. hell he was around for the last two years of it when he was living with my friend, before I separated from my ex..  So yes he knows me , warts and all……….
So the question came, Have I hidden anything from Allan.  Do I have any secrets from my past.. that I haven’t told him..  Well the answer is No… To be honest… There is nothing I have hidden from him… Ok there maybe things I haven’t mentioned  purly because they have never come up in conversation and I had forgotten about them.  but should the conversation ever get round to something that jogs my memory then yes I would say something ..  There is nothing I have done that I couldn’t tell Allan about..   Nothing to Hide… why because I don’t have a reason to hide anything  It was a long time ago……

Hell I even have a couple of ex boyfriends on my facebook account..  One I speak to, and comment on his wall,  Actually mentioning that  its funny because I noticed this evening that the status’s he had put and I had commented on replied to.. nothing private or personal etc.  just  … Music lyrics from LMFAO songs had all been deleted… Maybe he is ashamed  or just pissed off because it was me who commented lol  oh well…
He obviously feels the need to hide things from someone… Thankfully that’s something I don’t have to do………   Allan knows I talk to people on fb so I have nothing to hide from him when anything is posted on my wall or he sees me posting on someone else’s…

Oh Bloody Hell Not Again!!! This house feels like its Plagued!!!

Have I some sort of immune deficiency or something? Or am I right in thinking that drug companies are developing stronger and stronger cold and flu viruses in order to profit? I have to be. It’s just two weeks  since I was last struck by a plague well ok not the plague but getting over bronchitis.. I had a good week and a half without the need for living off a blue puffer… dying every time i went to bed to lie down..  Yes I actually made it up to bed for a week!!!
And now… again? Seriously? What the hell?  I really don’t want to go to the doctors again… this is the 4th or 5th time and if I have been on the strongest antibiotics what is left for them to give me, oh and those prednisone yes they work but they taste terrible, years ago they used to be red and sugar-coated, not now they are white and taste horrible, especially when you are taking 10 at a time 😦
It’s not right. It’s just not right.
And to make matters worse both boys have now come down with a cough, snotty nose and generally are ratty as hell… Just in time to go back to school on Monday!! 🙄

That Moment of Sheer Panic………….. No Internet!!

The boys are being their usual Geeky Nurdy selves, ….. and they were talking about fossils in stones the other day and I mentioned that somewhere up in the loft I had a rock tumbler…. then they were determined to try it out, so up in the attic I went and I found not only the rock tumbler but a bag of rocks, stones and minerals as well… as far as they were concerned I had hit the jackpot.. Now they wanted to try it out for themselves but we didn’t seem to have much grit and stuff………. (also If im honest I couldn’t remember what we needed) So….

Yesterday I made a trip to Broadstairs to Gemset to get some grits for the rock tumbler… Now I have had this rock Tumbler since about 1972 when I was about 10ish…… So maybe I was a slight geek after all… So that’s where the boys must get it from!!


It was slightly overcast but quite warm (yes still no need for heavy coats and its the end of October.. how messed up is the weather?)
so donned with just light jackets we got in the car with Grandad to go to Broadstairs…… We got just out of Sittingbourne when I realised that I hadn’t got my glasses with me. Now while I admit that im blind as a bat as far as reading is concerned so always need glasses, I don’t admit to needing them all the time for general seeing……. However My distance glasses are reaction lenses.. and I do have very light-sensitive eyes….. Hence the reason I usually wear them when I’m out…. Ok yes they help me see as well… It’s not that everything is blurry when I don’t have them but everything is so much clearer when I do 😆

The problem is by the time we got to Broadsairs .. gone to Gemset, grabbed some lunch the sun had come out…….. and that’s when I started to get a headache… by the time we got home it had turned into a headache from hell……… rendering me totally useless to mankind……. Well more useless than usual anyway 😆 Only solution… Dose up and try to sleep it off…
I rest on the sofa until Allan comes home… then I can doze……. He takes Alex to Karate…. I get Ali to bed and that’s it I can now relax and sleep.. which I do to a certain extent…….. he gets back, we get Alex to bed and decide to watch the Blues Brothers film.. (classic)
I get half way through it and turn over and sleep……… I wake up it’s about 1.30am…..Allan is on the pc so I suggest we go to bed…
We go to sleep and then at about 3am I wake up… with a really dry throat…… I come downstairs.. Make a coffee and while I’m drinking it I think ok I will catch up on everything on Freegle and the most important thing Facebook 😆

WHAT!!! No Internet…………. Panic sets in……… I check Allan’s Pc on the other side of the room.. Nope no internet there either……. It’s now 3.39am and it’s still down… I’m typing this in word ready to post…. when I can………
The plan is……… Finish Coffee… it’s now 4.30am go to bed and hope that by the time I get up It will be back on……..
Apart from my desperation for Internet .. the boys will go mad if they can’t play their games…………. Who am I kidding…….I need the internet……. I need my pc……… My friends live in it……. rofpmsl Why Have we got no internet………….. How dare they…….. And I can’t even call or contact anyway to find out if theirs is working ok because of course……… who the fuck else is up at 4.40am in the morning………… 😦

30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 4

Blog 04 – A picture of your school. Past or present

Now here is the thing.. I went to Soooo Many schools over the years.. when your dads a diplomat and you are moving to another country every couple of years you tend to move schools a lot. and go figure.. when we were in a country long enough for me to do a couple of years at the same school it was time to move up so when we were in the states I went from the junior school to the high school.

but saying that the one School I did go to twice 😆 is Westlands High School In Sittingbourne.. I was there for the 1st yr and the 3rd year…  yep the middle year I was in the states..  see what I mean…

Ok I had to do this one via google maps,  As I dont actually have any pictures of Westlands and it is one Huge school…



newlands ave side




Insomnia It comes in handy sometimes!

I often suffer from Insomnia, but sometimes It does have its advantages, Like tonight. I needed to load the dishwasher and sort out the kitchen,
I also  wanted to catch up on Hells Kitchen that we recorded last monday..  Alpha male aka Allan was tired and went to bed so I decided to get on with things…

being wide awake certainly has its advantages lol
did I get the kitchen sorted properly  erm.. No I ended up on the pc but saying that I think I have worked out how to link my blog here with facebook and twitter…

not such a technophobe afterall lol

On the plus side I did get to watch the recorded hells kitchen so im ready for tomorrows episode now…