BBQ in October in 90 degrees farenheit!!

Can you believe it , This weekend we have had a BBQ and the boys have had a paddling pool out its been 30c  which is 86 Fahrenheit today and yesterday when we did have the BBQ with Tammy and her friend Jipzee over according to our thingy it was over 90 and yes I think it was right.  its October 3rd… No we are not is some far off country  we are in Sittingbourne in Kent UK…

the weather we have had for the last week has been nicer than most of the summer holiday… Dont get me wrong its not been a bad summer, its been hot but we have had a fair amount of overcast days

They have forecast snow soon… WTF  the boys are wearing shorts and shirts to school this week, it seems strange that in three weeks time they could be wearing their coats hats and gloves……… Time will tell..

What I will say is its been a trying weekend to say the least………

I cant remember if I have mentioned it before but Tamara did a hit and run at Christmas last year.. two days after Christmas once she had got her haul she buggered off… next thing is in the summer holidays we get a text to say she wants to go to Canterbury with her friends and she wants her money,that she got for her birthday and christmas it was about £35.. we said no unless she comes over as that is to spend when she is with us.. well funny enough two weeks later she came over with Amber  who I will say usually visits every week on a Monday saying she wants her money to go clothes shopping , so she got her birthday money plus an extra £10 she went clothes shopping came back to the house, showed us and then pissed off home not to be heard from again.. until about a week and a half ago when she texted Allan to ask if she can come over on the 1st October with her friend for a few hours… he said of course….. they are both welcome… but the cynical me thought she is only coming because it is her birthday on the Tuesday (oct 4th) and she thinks she will get her birthday money when she comes…

Thing is this year it was amber’s 18th birthday so she got a couple of presents plus £100 in cash off us and £50 off my dad but we did say that was it now no more big presents until her 21st… just a little something to unwrap if you know what I mean..
anyway I’m sure Tamara is expecting the same kind of present.. and my dad who didn’t even get a thank you for her Christmas present from him has said he will give her £10 in a card and she can have it on or after her birthday but not before and I’m tempted to just pick her up a little something as a gift.. new shirt or something. and give her no cash… I’m positive this is the only reason she is coming over…
Am I being too cynical. Amber comes every week even though she thinks that she wont even get a Christmas present. well only a box of chocs or something, I don’t expect them to stay over but I do expect her to keep in contact expect when she wants something.. its winding me right up

In a way I wish I could have said  its inconvenient for her to come , we had made plans to take the boys to a museum they wanted to go to for a Viking workshop we paid £9 each for (have i mentioned my boys are nerdy geeks lol ) but we will have to cancel because she is coming and Allan feels our names would be mud if we said no she cant come that day. as its only the second time she has come over since christmas last year..
I just want to slap her lol

Anyway because the weather is like hot hot hot I decide to do a BBQ so get in the stuff… Tammy even texts in the morning to say can she bring even another friend over… we say yes again……

he then went to the shops and got some more bits so we would have more than enough for us and Tammy and her friends .. Tammy came about 12pm  in the end with only one friend as she couldn’t be bothered to knock for the other one :-/ anyway she was totally ignorant all day really her friend said more than she did and even then I think her friend was more interested in the snakes and ZZ as we got them out for a little while to enjoy the sun..  to be honest it was hard work getting a word out of either of them plus we had loads of food so I ran around and asked Jo if both her and Adam would like to pop round for a BBQ which they did, the boys all enjoyed playing in the garden and in the tiny paddling pool that Ali got out along with his bag of play balls and the play tents  anyway about 6pm Tammy turned to allan and said she wanted to go now.. so he went to get the car out the drive as mine was blocking his in. anyway i was in the garden with the boys and Jo noticed that the girls had gone.. they left both without a goodbye or thank you. when Allan got back i asked if they had said anything to him and he said all he got when they got out of the car was see you……….. … I’m Actually quite fuming.. As I said its her birthday on Tuesday and ive a good mind to stick a fiver in a card and just post it to her………. When Amber comes on her own or with her friend she always says good bye and even her friends come and say bye … its manners something that I’m afraid Tammy didn’t have at all.

I think what peeves me off the most is where I have been ill I admit the house has become cluttered etc so I had a major Blitz around and really knocked myself out tidying up and of course getting the stuff out and sorted for the BBQ getting extra chairs down from the loft … I’m still finding it hard getting over this bronchitis and can only do a little at a time…..   so now I feel like I have taken a couple of steps back in recover.. 😦

And even today (Sunday) we haven’t even had a text off her to say thank-you 😡


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