I am Fuming!

well following on from my last blog Allan sent Tammy a text on Tuesday saying Happy Birthday,  I posted a message on her fb profile  saying happy birthday sweetheart…

Amber her sister came over as usual on Monday and we said to her about  Tammy not saying thank you and goodbye and she said how rude even,.

Anyway Allan got a text today saying “ur a cunt”  😯


Well as we still have her card here we decided that there was going to be no money in it at all now, bollocks to her,, if her sister can come over and see us regularly I’m not being taken for a cunt by a 15 yr old and I’m certainly not letting the ignorant madam get away with calling her father a cunt,  I’m afraid I really am going to be the wicked step mother now…
she has blown birthday presents and christmas presents.

and I can guarantee when I tell my dad about it she will have blown her present from him as well.

I confess I did set a status on facebook,

Well apparently as her father is a cunt we are now £50 richer as I have just taken the cash out of a certain 15yr olds birthday card… — with Tammy Smedley and Allan Smedley at Home Extremely pissed off at how rude teenagers are!!
I am fuming, after her asking if she could bring two friends on Saturday and then turning up with one after we had been out and got extra bits in for a BBQ and then leaving with out even a bye and thank you How rude is that??And you cant blame it on being a teenager because Her sister has lovely manners and I’ve had teenagers and none of mine or anyone else’s I know act like that ,
we have seen her twice since Christmas when she got her presents and ran, Once to collect her money she had here left over from her birthday and christmas and then on Saturday.. funny enough three days before her birthday.. see a pattern there??

then today Allan gets a text saying you are a cunt…
That is not on at all!!

And I’ve tagged her in it so when she goes on facebook she will see it and so will her friends as it will go on her profile as well,

On the plus side………. Jo babysat for us last night and Allan and I went out for a lovely meal together……

every cloud has a silver lining……. 🙂


I repeat I will not be taken for a cunt………. and certainly not by an ignorant 15 yr old


Funny enough after my status..   A day later Allan got a text from Tammy saying it wasn’t her it was her mate who sent the text… Funny enough  that was the excuse last time she sent a vile text to him..

He Ignored it…… he then got another text the next day saying the same thing… neither text even says sorry even if it was her friend that sent it…

and No we don’t believe her at all because for one thing she never lets anyone near her phone!!

Kudo’s to Allan for resisting the temptation to text her back
because If it had been me that had received a text saying Ur A cunt.. and then got the it wasn’t me text I would have replied back saying You’re A Fucking Liar…….

Further Update.. 13/10/2011  Today she blocked us both on facebook…. So Very Childish, That girl really is digging her own grave deeper and deeper, Her father has lost all patience with her.


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