Silly Suspicious Minds And still feeling Ill

Week Whatever, I have actually lost count now how long it is since I started feeling ill.

Well Yesterday, Ali’s Asthma review was due so I took him to the Nurse and after she had seen him she booked me in to so the Dr straight away.

result. I am on yet Another Course of  stronger Antibiotics and a longer course of Prednisone. Fingers crossed this works as I’m sick of being Sick.

You are probably asking where Suspicious Minds comes into things.

Where do I start..

Allan had started playing with his phone a lot…. He has the HTC DESIRE hd Android phone.  To the Point where He asked Andy to come round and put another running system on it so he could put more apps on it.. Which Andy did. 
Anyway you know how you have a gut feeling something just isn’t right.  The other day Alex was playing with Allan’s phone (Allan had put a Phineas and Ferb game or app on it for him) and he clicked on something and then asked how to escape from it after he had been reading it for a little bit.. I looked and the app was called aphrodisiac and it was some porn app. Now im not a prude… In fact i don’t mind porn at all but not when a 7 yr old is reading it.   I asked Allan to remove it when I got the chance once the kids had gone to bed..Told him that when he has a kid playing on his phone that he shouldnt have thing like that on there… He actually got the hump said he cant read it now as its locked down.. told him it shouldn’t be there in the first place so he got the even bigger hump and played with his phone and deleted it  and then stormed off to bed.

Bearing in mind I am spending most nights on the sofa because of feeling so ill. Anyway the next day just to check i look on his phone and the bloody app is still there but he has passworded it… not knowing exactly what type of app it is i google it and its just Erotic stories..But he has passworded it so at least Alex cant read it..

The next night Allan goes to bed quite early, I now have a suspicious mind and decided to check his phone out to see if anything else was on there… The phone is not there……… for some very strange reason Allan has taken it up to bed with him… Hence my plan… I go upstairs with the pretence of getting a pillow..  I notice Allan was in the dark on his phone which he quickly hid under the covers… I come downstairs.. wait about half an hour.. and then go back up and get into bed saying it was too cold downstairs.. at which point Allan now has his phone hidden in the bed..  We lie there and after about half an hour or so Allan makes some excuse to come downstairs to take some more pills as his legs hurt.. which he does..  he comes back to bed after about five mins  and that’s it until about 4am when I wake up coughing like mad. I get up and go down to the loo and throw up as per usual and make myself a hot drink, use my inhaler and noticed that His phone is now on charge…

Maybe he is suspicious of me being suspicious now lol so the next night he leaves his phone downstairs…..

then we get to yesterday.. I remind Allan that Ali has the Asthma clinic and that I will be getting him and Jo is picking up Alex and looking after him while I take Ali to the appointment.

We Take separate cars up the school but walk up together..  and sit in our usual space on the benches at the back of the playground until the bell rings.

at which point Jo’s phone rings and its Allan who is calling. (his name gets said by the phone).  now your first reaction is WFT is he doing calling her.. He doesn’t know you are with her etc etc.  She looks at me and I say Answer it.  he then says my phone has called him and he can hear our conversation pmsl.. kind of an anticlimax haha… Hence my status on Facebook in the evening when I got home…

Priceless: Scenario: At the school waiting for the kids to come out, Sitting next to your mate Joanne when her phone rings.. and her number voice ringtone thing says its my other half Allan calling……

As my son loves to say “Awkward!!” 😉

Do I think anything is going on or would Allan cheat on me the answer is no…  Do I think he is stupid and trying to read a bit of porn upstairs the answer is yes.. why he dont say fuck knows he knows i dont mind the stuff..

now funny thing is we have two laptops which we never use.. now all of a sudden he is getting someone to give them a clear out and once over as one was playing up with the charger.. Im wondering if that is so he can hide upstairs and use the laptop instead.. 😕

Needles to say I will probably keep an eye on things..


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