30 Blog posts Picture Challenge.

Another Challenge…This time a picture one!!

I’ve decided to try another Challenge…  I will probably start it in a few days.. Although I’m not going to do it everyday so instead of calling it a 30 day picture challenge I’m going to call it a 30 Blog Post Challenge

It gives me motivation to post often if nothing else lol

Feel free to be bored ……..

plus gives me a change to play with my  camera…

So here is what the challenge will be……

Blog 01 – A picture of your mobile phone

Blog 02 –  A picture of  your first car

Blog 03 – A picture of your favourite drink

Blog 04 – A picture of your school. Past or present

Blog05 – A Picture of  when you were little

Blog 06 – A picture of something that gives you a reason to get up everyday

Blog 07 – A picture of your kitchen

Blog 08 – A picture of any relative/s you wish

Blog09 – A recent picture of you (by recent within the last 4 months)

Blog10 – A picture of what you like to do

Blog 11 – A picture  or pictures of you in fancy dress

Blog 12 – A picture of your Favourite Mug

Blog 13 – A picture of a house you lived in as a child.

Blog 14 – A picture of somewhere you have never been but would love to go to!

Blog15 – A picture of Your best friend when you were young

Blog 16 – A picture of the weather

Blog 17 – A picture of  somewhere you would love to go back and see again!

Blog 18 –A picture of you and some friends.. past or present.

Blog 19 – A picture of the first house that you lived in when you left home (it can be done google map it. if its not there go to the next one)

Blog 20 – A picture of where you went to on holiday last

Blog 21 – A picture of your camera/s (It can be done!)

Blog 22 – A picture of  a child in your family

Blog 23 – A picture of a family outing

Blog 24 – A picture of what you did today

Blog 25 – A picture that you Dont remember being taken

Blog 26 – A picture of a family member you miss

Blog 27 – A picture of you more taken approximately 5 or 6 years ago

Blog 28 -A picture of  your pet or pets

Blog 29  A picture of  one of your friends now.

Blog 30 – A picture that you have seen that you love


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