A Random Thought Crossed My Mind today!

I had just finished carving the meat for our Sunday dinner when I couldn’t resist nicking a piece of crackling and meat Nom Nom Nom

and then this Thought Hit me!!!

At what point in my life Did I start liking Roast Pork?


Seriously When  I was a kid I hated the stuff, I remember pleading with my mum not to give me any if she was doing Roast Pork on a Sunday

After much pleading She occasionally would agree I could just have Veg and then she would pour Gravy all over everything.. Made of course from the Meat Juices.. Tasting of Pork  YUKKKKKKK!!!

Honestly this is the only Memory I have of being force fed something I hated at home…

Now I love Pork, In fact its one of my fav roast dinners, I like pork in any way shape or form.

I don’t remember the day I went from hating it to loving it..

All I know is for as long as I can remember (and lets face it memory can be a dodgy thing at times 😆 )

I love Pork,  But then I Remember clearly sitting in my mums Kitchen..
My Last memory of the battle of the pork was at 25 Periwinkle close when she had that god awful   70’s wallpaper with kitchen things over it.

So This Brings me back to the Original Question

At what point in my life did I start liking Pork?

I guess we will never know 😆




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