Dog 0 – Hamster 1

Scenario: Still not really well enough to go upstairs to bed, I am sleeping on the sofa, when I am woken up by an almighty crash about 2am
The dog had jumped up and knocked the cage off the side, trying to get at the hamster who I have to say was climbing up the bars winding the dog up in the first place…

Now the Dog quite often jumps up at the cage but never knocks it with such a force that it flys off.. until tonight.
Once the cage had hit the floor of course it came apart from the internal tray thing and said hamster escapes out of cage The dog goes over for a closer look and at this point the hamster screeches like she did when we first got her and turns and chases after dog (Teal’c)
Dog puts nose to hamster. and “Isabella formerly known as Gwen” AKA the hamster, takes revenge for the destruction of her house on his nose…

Teal’c who is all of a sudden not as brave as perhaps a 7 stone hulk that he is should be, runs off yelping and is now hiding, in the meantime I have dragged myself off the sofa… (bearing in mind this all happened so quickly) and I rush to the spot where the hamster is “Isabella formerly known as Gwen” climbs into my hand and sits on my shoulder while I sort her cage out put some fresh bedding etc now while she is getting tamer usually she will climb quite happily into her ball and come to you at the bars of the cage for her treats she never is usually brave enough to sit in your hand so Im assuming she must be in shock a little. anyway I check her over and she is fine I put her back in her cage once it was sorted  and she started tearing around her wheel at the usual 100pmh!!

We have taken precautions though that this dispute doesn’t happen again  because next time there may not be the  same winner and How I can explain that to the kids I do not know..



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