30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 1

Blog 01 – A picture of your mobile phone


This is not as straightforward as you think lol I have two phones, 

Ok what happened is I got the HTC Desire HD Android thing and well to be honest I hate it.. so what i did is I popped my sim in my old LG phone and use that instead. 😆


but here it is the HTC Desire

and here is the phone I use..

I would take the word “use” lightly though because I am well known for leaving it in the house when I’m out or upstairs when I’m in.. in fact I’m notorious for forgetting where it is completely, I also have my messages on silent so even when i do have it with me I quite often don’t notice a text come through…  I used to live via a mobile.. now I hardly use them at all to be honest. handy for communication if I need it but not a life line any more.


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