One Proud Momma!!


We had Parents evening at the school last night, personally I don’t really see the point in these so early in the school year. lets face it they have only been back 5 weeks but Apparently its just so we can discuss how they have settled into the new year new teacher scenario

Anyway off we both trotted last night to see how the boys are getting on, I will give Allan 1000 kudo’s he has always come to every parents evening with me for the boys.. Something My ex never did with his kids.. Actually My Ex never set foot in any of the schools the whole Time I was with him.  Anyway never mind that loser back the the present.

We went in to see Mrs B first who is Ali’s teacher.. Now he had her in reception as well so she knows his ways.. what can I say Ali is Ali.. he refuses to do home learning because in his mind.. school is for learning.. home is home….. He doesn’t mix socially and the list goes on…. Anyway.. we had the surprise of our lives… we were waiting for our turn to go in and Ali was chatting away to some other kid there.. and I mean really chatting.

It was just so lovely to see him interact with another child apart from Alex.

When we spoke to Mrs B she said that there are a few of the kids now that he will talk to.. No girls of course 😆

he has one on one help but is really working hard and trying now. All in all she was ever so pleased with his progress in year one.. And Yep we are proud Parents 🙂

The after Ali’s teacher we go on to see Mrs A.   Alex’s Teacher..  No surprise there , top of the class in everything.. reading perfect… only slight and very slight thing against him was he has the attention span of a gnat…  whats new there lol

All in All a perfect Parents Evening and we are both so very Proud!!


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