30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 2

Blog 02 –  A picture of  your first car



1971 Chevrolet Chevelle I got it in the states and used it to go back and forth to work at the Embassy,
I Even brought this one back with me to the UK from the states as i couldnt leave her behind lol i had her for years i used to love that car… hated the colour loved the car…. it was my first motor..

I always meant to get a respray… I did have some tit drive into me in the states once 😳 and once fixed the car had to be re sprayed.. bloody insurance said it had to be the original colour.. my dad sorted it out for me and when I got it back it not only was the horrible mustard colour still there were a couple of butterfly stickers on the back.. I mean WTF… thing is I couldn’t peel them off because it would take the paint off.. I was not impressed.. I am not and never have been a butterfly type person 🙄 👿

Daddy thought I would like them… 😥


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