30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 3

Blog 03 – A picture of your favourite drink

Now I’m assuming we are talking Alcohol Here!!

Ok while I am very partial to a glass of Medium Dry White Wine and it is the drink I have most Often, especially in the kitchen while I’m Cooking.   I have to say That I’m also partial to a Pint or Bitter, Or Larger, My tipple can also be Vodka and Orange… (just ask anyone who was at my  40th Birthday lol no seriously you will have to ask them because I cant remember it 😆 )

Oh and I’m Rather Partial to a G & T on a hot summers day!!

I have been known to knock back a few cocktails and shots as well, We have quite and extensive booze collection now.. I would if I had the space have a lovely Bar in the house..  Not quite as tacky as the 70’s only fools and horses but something more refined lol 
I am not an alcoholic by any means, Dont get me wrong, some times I can go ages with out a drink at all and I don’t drink to the point where I get drunk all the time, In fact I cant remember the last time I did get really drunk.. 
But I do enjoy my wine… especially on a Sunday while cooking the roast!!



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