My Karate Kid has done it again :-)

Yay yet another grading nailed 🙂  Ok I do think the Karate Club is milking these gradings.. £15 a go, and each time its white strip, full colour, black strip… and onto the next colour.. so to explain… so far we have had

White belt….. starting point

Yellow Belt white strip

wearing his yellow belt white strip and holding the new yellow belt from the grading he has just passed 🙂

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt Black strip

yellow belt black strip


and now Orange belt white strip…..


But he loves going and going to the combat league… its “His thing” so to speak.. a place where he can escape from Ali,  Something that is his, Away from school, something that is totally another part in his life…… 
I Get That I really Do and the whole time he wants to go then we will find the money for him to go.


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