30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 4

Blog 04 – A picture of your school. Past or present

Now here is the thing.. I went to Soooo Many schools over the years.. when your dads a diplomat and you are moving to another country every couple of years you tend to move schools a lot. and go figure.. when we were in a country long enough for me to do a couple of years at the same school it was time to move up so when we were in the states I went from the junior school to the high school.

but saying that the one School I did go to twice 😆 is Westlands High School In Sittingbourne.. I was there for the 1st yr and the 3rd year…  yep the middle year I was in the states..  see what I mean…

Ok I had to do this one via google maps,  As I dont actually have any pictures of Westlands and it is one Huge school…



newlands ave side





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