The Hour has Changed… We are now Officially in the Dark!!

Getting up while it’s dark is just not right. It’s against all laws of nature. Well, except for nocturnal animals like owls or vampires or whatever. But, for we dayturnal creatures, night is for sleep. In My case when I Cant sleep it just feels even the nights are even longer……… Either way its not right!

Does that mean my alarm clock goes off when it’s still night?

It’s just not right.

It’s around this time of year that I propose my hibernation plan. Every human on the northern hemisphere should hibernate from the months of October to March. Or perhaps beginning in November, just to give time for people to get things ready.

We’d stock up on food, DVDs, games and so on and then just lock ourselves away for those months. Nobody would go anywhere. With maybe the exception of nipping out when its Broad Daylight and of course only if we choose too.
Nobody would do any work. No School runs… This would especially save on schools being shut during snow days.

And then, in the spring time, we’d all get back to it totally refreshed and ready for anything.

Don’t worry about the world during those unproductive months. We’d adjust. In fact, it may turn out we never needed them at all. In animation, it is the norm to work stupid hours and have no life coming up to deadlines.
I suspect that could work on a far larger scale. They could add another hour or two on to the school days and cut the summer holiday down to a couple or three weeks, and Easter Holidays down to two weeks.

And we’d always have the southern hemispheres to keep things going, just like we northerners would when they get their hibernation. By Hibernation I mean only needing to leave the house in DAYLIGHT hours..

If I ever run for Ruler Of The Known Universe, that will be one of my core policies.


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