Halloween is upon us…

When I was a kid  about 5 or 6 We were living in Germany at the time and I went to an international school, there so only really mixed with English speaking kids,  I also remember a block of flats where all the People from the American embassy lived and I remember my dad taking me  trick or treating dressed up in a little devils costume,with some of the American kids…….. that is it that is my only recollection of going trick or treating…
By the time we actually lived in the states I was too old to go  trick or treating as although it was a big thing in the states, It was also only really for the younger kids  not teenagers……… We did stock up on sweets /candy to hand out but nothing else was done…

Years later.. when my oldest kids were about 8 or 9 they came home with pockets of change  When I asked where it came from they said trick or treating, They had gone with their friends………
No costume, but still….

The following year we had some trick or treaters knock the door I gave them some spare change I had,  After that I noticed that Halloween was getting more and more commercialised here in the UK so I started getting in sweets just incase…

When Andrew and Hayley got to about that age they used to get dressed up in costume and go out trick or treating with either me or a friends mum taking them.. and yes they came back with loads of sweets.. things are really taking off over here…

Now since Allan and I  have been together , Every year we have had kids knock the door.. so we have always got some bits in…. But the last couple of years… With the boys being in the “Know” I have started to decorate the front of the house… last year was just a few bits at the window

Halloween 2010

Alex Halloween 2010 freezing cold by the way..

Ali Halloween 2010

This year however..  We picked up even more bits……. and decorated more… Instead of sweets I made cakes to hand out… and we went out trick or treating with Jo and Adam… and by we I mean All of us… Even Allan!!

House Decorated 2011

getting ready to go trick or treating

even the trailer in the front was made to look better lol

All Ready to go Trick or Treating

Three Pumpkins when we left to go trick or treating but when we got back so toe rag had nicked the little one...

Me, Jo and the Boys

I knew there was a reason we had witches hats on lol

Some more pics posted on FB




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