If Dreams come true then I seriously need to write an achievable bucket list quickly.

Honestly I had the weirdest dream last night, I can’t remember details all I can remember is feeling healthy… well as healthy as I feel now, Bearing in mind I am still getting over this flipping bronchitis and my chest is still a tad dodgy on cold and damp days 😕

Anyway like I said I can’t remember hardly any of the details it was like everyday is normally,
but knowing that I only had 4 weeks to live.. 😯
I didn’t want to tell anyone what was happening but was trying to make the most out of my time and get as many cuddles off the kids as possible.

That is all I can remember and I’m surprised I remember that much as normally I don’t remember any dreams!! 🙄
Fingers crossed I am still here in 5 weeks eh!! 😉

Ps:  If anyone ever actually reads this, And in the next 4 weeks would help  (you never know 😆 )  and knows anything about Dreams feel free to let me know what you make of this…


2 thoughts on “If Dreams come true then I seriously need to write an achievable bucket list quickly.

  1. Funnily enough I had a dream in which I died the night before last, a really nasty bloody death.
    I think death dreams are related to either change or stress, or sometimes just missing someone.

    • sounds very nasty Anne Hope you dont get it again
      Thing is I dont actually remember dying, just remember knowing I was going to die and it was very specific in that it was going to be on 4 weeks, strange eh? Cant say I can think of any changes and Im not stressed any more than I usually am, There is always someone I miss but its not been on my mind any more than usual… I guess I will have to see if I dream anymore… Like I said I dont usually remember my dreams I guess thats why this one is in my thoughts. xx

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