I really can’t stand kids throwing Paddys……… Spoilt Brats!



At what point did I stop feeling empathy for a woman who had three small children under the age of three all throwing tantrums in a supermarket,

and instead think FFS woman shut the little buggers up, Either take them home, feed them or do something I really don’t want to hear them screaming!!!
I want to do my shopping in peace… My kids are at school …. I am child free, I don’t want to hear yours

Dont spoilt the little brats in the first place and you wouldn’t have them throwing paddy’s every time they see something they want…

I can honestly say I can take my kids anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE ,without them screaming for a toy or a sweet.
I can even take them to Toys r Us without being shown up…

How can I do this you ask…
Because I never gave into a paddy,/tantrum (what ever you want to call them)  They were punished not treated and I never””gave in” for a quiet life..

Simple if you can’t house train/discipline or control your  fucking noisy unruly  kids
Then shop online or get a fucking babysitter

Rant Finished!!


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