Children In Need Time Again

Every now and again, people get together to do something good. In the UK, they have this event night thing each and every year called Children In Need. Mostly, it amounts to pretty poor television but what people do during that pretty poor television is a very good thing – raise money for children who really need it. This year its on Friday 18th November, And the school are doing an event, the kids have to dress up in something yellow or spotty. (got that covered thanks to eBay, I bought a pack of two yellow PE crew collar t-shirts for £4) only because Neither of the boys has actually got any t-shirt in yellow… I mean it’s a bit of a lame colour for boys 🙄

plus they have to take in a teddy bear, Now those who have read my blogs in the past will know that I actually cleared the boy’s room of toys.. and I mean cleared completely but I did leave them a few bits (only because I knew they would need them for school) and here we are…. Both boys need a Teddy Bear… great.. Ali has his hospital bears… every-time he goes for his eye drops they give him a new bear once a year and we have the last two!! Sorted!!

They also have to take something in for the teddy bears picnic and yep I have that covered.. when I went to Lakeland a few months ago I picked up a case of 250 cupcake cases so I will bake as usual.. I think I actually have this day covered…… for a change lol

Actually it reminds me of when I went out with Jo on one of our trips to the park. We were sitting there chatting while the boys were playing in the park with Adam and I was on the phone to Allan as it goes, and some kid about 5 came up to us and stood there listening… Have to admit I’m not a kid person.. I tolerate my own and really have no time for other people’s..
OK that sounds bad but let me put it another way.. If my kids were annoying people or hanging around them I would call them back to me, I would be watching them.. I wouldn’t let them go annoying strangers….

Anyway I get off the phone with Allan and this kid says I’ve got Pudsey bear at which point without really thinking, I just said … “that’s nice now piss off” Jo cracked up laughing and the boy at this point walked off to his family who were paying no attention to him whatsoever and were more interested in sitting drinking and smoking…

YES!!!  I know it was wrong!! it was a case of mouth put in gear before operating brain…!! 🙄

Anyways If you’re not in the UK and have no idea what Children in Need is, well, go dig it up on YouTube and have a look , I’m sure you will find some one making a complete idiot out of them selves for the sake of charity.

Edit: you tube of children in need added end November 2011


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