Bring it on, Christmas I am ready for you!!

I am so ready for christmas 🙂

In the last few weeks I have got some jam’s made, Onions from the garden picked, 3 jars of eggs pickled, jars of red cabbage pickled,

Christmas cake made and being fed on a regular basis,

& three huge christmas puddings made… Very Hic!  boozy christmas puddings I might add..

and I have made my own mincemeat (again very very boozy) ready for when i need to make the mince pies at christmas.

I got a lovely little stand similar to a cake stand for home-made chocolates to go on as well, so I intend to make some nice home-made chocolates, mints, truffles etc as well, but can’t make them too early as they would never last.

I have also bought some moulds to make a Norwegian almond ring tree. This in theory should look like a Norwegian wedding cake.

And some cut out in sizes stars to make a shortbread tree 🙂

And I’m getting sorted to make the gingerbread house: Yes I’m cheating I’m getting a kit lol

but then I make just make my own one as well. 😕

The Home Brew Bitter is on, we started that last night.
(first time I’ve made home-brew for many many years)
I even went out and got a kit for Larger as well so that is also now on the go as well,
This should all be done and brewed and ready to drink  by Christmas,

Kids visit to the riverside country park with activities and meet santa and get a present booked and paid for,

Christmas party hats Sorted for the boys, although the school hasn’t said anything about this yet. they do it every year … Ok I confess we are cheating here…
TBO aka Allan… (The Bald One) made Alex a top hat with christmas decorations on it, in his reception year. he made Alex another one Last year, and Ali wore the top hat….
Can you see where this is heading…
well this year they are swapping… Alex is back to his original hat haha and Ali is going to have Alex’s one from last year..

We put them up in the attic with the rest of the decorations so I’m hoping they are ok… I may panic at a later date when we get them down and find out something is wrong with them 🙄

I have even got the boys Christmas play outfits sorted…
Ali lumberjack Shirt and Jeans…. he is going to be a woodman

Alex is going to have a tatty shirt…. a waist coat and a pair of trousers that are tatty at the bottom… in theory…

The presents are all bought, with the exception of a few bits,

I still have my dads to get but hey, that’s just a bottle of booze,

I have everyone elses sorted.. Oh I need to pick up some stocking fillers for Amberleigh although I have got her main present.

In other words I don’t have fortunes to spend.. it’s all taken care of…

I have All the goodies needed for christmas. Not that we actually *Need* goodies we are more than fat enough already.. but hey its christmas, and for christmas you need cakes, chocolates well the tinned ones, not the posh ones i have yet to make, and other goodies,

I have the meat already and in the freezer for the christmas holiday..

In fact all I need is veg and other fresh stuff like milk, bread and cream etc.

Nothing really that I wouldn’t need to buy fresh for your average Sunday Dinner.

I have new clothes for the boys to wear. Not that they will get dressed if we don’t go out on christmas day lol we will see…

In fact with the exception of Wrapping up everything.. which I may get done soon… And of course the actual putting up of the decorations… Probably a couple of weeks before christmas, I’m done…

I’m gloating here you know that 🙄
Although I was reminded today of one tradition I had forgotten all about but hey it’s sorted now.

I have got the face book Secret Santa 2011 closed group up and running for a very elite group of Ladies 🙂
I really am feeling the festive mood here.
The only thing that will be at the back of my mind is the fact that I wont be able to share christmas with All the ones I love 😥


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