Manners! When Did they start charging?

I have a real problem when it comes to lack of manners.

I have been very firm with my all my kids from the moment they were able to focus on a biscuit,  first it was Ta, then as they learned to speak it was Please and Thank you. That’s it.
I am on the boys back’s  constantly about it,

How hard is it to teach your kids a few simple words?
In fact, that’s pretty much it throughout life really.

You can get by with a few brain cells, a fiver in your pocket and yesterdays socks on, as long as you say those two words. So can anyone tell me why the adults in my life fail to use those words when actually it’s long overdue? It fucking irritates the hell out of me.

Well Educated friends of mine ,friends who have had thousands of pounds spent on their schooling and should know better are just as ignorant.
I did a favour for a friend of mine a few days ago and following it up just now to ask how she got on, I was pushed away,

No ‘thank you’, not a peep of gratitude for the help I had given, just bloody bad manners actually.

It was kind of like I had no business knowing about the whole subject when it was ME that has now provided the solution, Me that had spent two hours configuring and working out so they could just copy and paste.
I asked how they got on and all I got back was fine, it’s all sorted.

They then waffled on about a totally different subject and then made some lame excuse and hung up.

I just don’t get how rude some people can be!
Do I need to justify why I find people fucking annoying and why I suddenly think manners must cost something because I didn’t hear a single Please or Thank you.

Next time I wont bother wasting my time on them.


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