When did you lose the Magic of Christmas?

Wow December 1st and Christmas is almost upon us!

When I was a kid Christmas was never really anything special to be honest..
We had a small tree but I don’t remember many decorations around the house, Until of course I got older, My dad got higher up in his job and had to entertain more… Of course then there was the Bosses Christmas party that he had to hold for the staff working under him,  Then we had a big tree and loads of decorations.. It was all for show!

When it came to presents when I was little, we never got much, that is to say not in excess like the kids do now… we had one or two things to unwrap or a big present and that was it… My brother who was at boarding school most of the time was usually the spoilt one! I guess it was to make up for the guilt my parents felt of him not living at home.

When we were living in Germany, I can remember finding a bike in the cellar about the end of November time ! Now this was obviously a boys bike so not mine. I was just about to go running and saying I couldn’t wait to tell my brother Paul about it when he came home from the Christmas holidays, when my mum stopped me. She explained that because it was so big Santa had dropped it off early because it wouldn’t fit down the chimney, but I must keep it a secret so my brother didn’t know he was getting a bike for Christmas!
I guess every other kid would have believed her and left it at that…
No not me… I decided that if Santa was really that busy at Christmas then he would have Used his brain and left the rest of the presents as well, after all no point in just dropping off one…
So I hunted…
and Found!!
yep there was a small purple teddy upstairs in my mum’s wardrobe that played Brahms lullaby.. and a Barbie doll, and a few books.

And then the next week I actually saw my mum picking up a book in the shop and lo and behold my brother got that as well to go with his bike.

Now bearing in mind I was about 6 when my parents came back to the uk after a tour in Germany I guess the magic of Christmas was spoilt for me 😥
Because on Christmas day. there was no surprises at all. What I saw when I had been searching,  is what we got……. And it didn’t take brain science to work out that there was no such thing as Santa and my mum and dad were the ones who got the stuff…
I mentioned this to my mum and dad and yes they said it was them after all and that i was now old enough to understand… blah blah blah…

Big mistake really as from then on … of course everything I wanted I was told cost too much… I never got a new bike in my life I always got hand me downs… I don’t actually remember any other Christmas present.. of course I must have got bits but nothing memorable…

It was then I swore to make Christmas Magic for my kids… I slipped for a few years due to major depression but thankfully Both Alex and Ali were too young to understand.. Now I am trying to make it as special as possible… Not easy when Allan is so Bah Humbug about the whole thing 😦


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