I never really realised how much I actually rely on oxygen until I started to suffer a shortage. Funny that. Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

I guess I am truly addicted to blogging now. Because I can’t sleep and I had to rush right  here to the computer and tell you all about it.

For one thing, I had to take some cough medicine, Usual dose a huge swig from the bottle, and have a few hits on my ventolin (otherwise known as my oxygen tank now)
Sure enough, I still have some sort of chest thing going on still It was diagnosed as chronic Bronchitis , yep since last October I have had this on and off but mostly on! Its getting a vicious circle now… Prednisolone , Mega antibiotics, feel better for a week and then wheezing and coughing again, After having 5 lots of medicine now you would think I would have beaten it but NO!! still struggling to breathe especially if I go outside or even upstairs. I was told the next time I went to the doctors it would be in hospital. Which Of course I can’t do… The slight matter of children and christmas , you know what I mean. 

Anyway I have a friend coming Friday evening for a visit who we haven’t seen for a long time but I do remember this person is a total hypochondriac at the best of times so This person with such frequency had taken to calling and asking about our health before they will commit to actually coming. .. 🙄

So It would be deeply remiss of me not to send them on their way without first giving them some horrible infectious disease. (evil grin) So of course I wont mention that I indeed am still suffering with this chest infection/Bronchitis which in their eyes would leave them fighting death for three weeks. (Selfish of them. Really.) 😆

Seriously though if it was contagious the kids and Allan and everyone else would have been ill by now.  Actually I have to say For the last few months Allan has been great and helped out a lot… Oh and Nagged for me to go back to the doctors…. and Nagged and Nagged…
I have to admit though it is really getting me down… I’m not even able to go upstairs to sleep again. I’m stuck on the sofa.. spending half the night awake again coughing.
Maybe if I still haven’t shaken it I will get back to the doctors after the new years But No Way Before!!

I have to confess though A tiny little part of me really hopes that it’s not the start of COPD as that was one of the things my mum suffered from and eventually was listed as one of the causes of death although not a major factor as she had some other serious shit going on!!

 Yes ok I have given up smoking for a long time now but the damage could have been done..  But Nah cant be that
Can it?…….


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