Ahhh The festive season at school has started!

The boys who usually have packed lunches decided this year they wanted christmas dinner so on December 1st along with opening the first window of their advent Calendar they had Christmas dinner at school.

The school have had their christmas fate………. ok confession time I didn’t bother taking them this year… It really was dire last year..

and this week was the start of the schools christmas plays…  year 1 and year 2    on Monday and year three and four on Thursday. Which Meant where I am concerned Ali and my friend’s son Adam were doing their thing!! Ali was a woodcutter.. (fantastic.. just had to go and buy him a check shirt 🙂  )   Then the worry starts. Ali being Ali  I have spent weeks wondering what he is going to do on the stage… Will he even go on the stage.. will he say the lines he has been given? Will he actually stick to the lines 🙄 as it goes he was blinding, he said his words nice and loudly he was fantastic…

today/yesterday I along with Allan and Jo and Amberleigh went to see Alex in his school play.. he was a parent.. his play was kind of pied piper based..  he was more singing than words but the poor sod looked exhausted..

its been a long school term and both boys are really ready for a break,  oh and mental note: both boys need a haircut lol Alex especially!!

we videoed both plays being the proud parents… although I wonder how often we will actually watch the video lol

I will add the other pictures as soon as I have uploaded them from the various camera’s



Ali The Woodcutter


Alex's Play!!


Alex, seriously needs a Haircut 😦




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